Card Tips:Iron Call

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  • This card allows for quick swarming and Xyz Summoning in a "Geargia" Deck. Use "Gear Gigant X" to detach a "Geargia" and use its effect to add "Geargiaccelerator" to your hand. Then use this card to Special Summon the detached "Geargia" and Special Summon "Geargiaccelerator" from your hand to Xyz Summon a second "Gear Gigant X" or any other Rank 4 Xyz Monster. This can be done in the first turn with only two "Geargia" and this card in your hand.
  • This card can also works immensely in a "Vylon" Deck that utilizes "Genex Neutron" (or any other Level 4 non-Tuner, LIGHT Machine-Type monster of your choice).
    • If "Vylon Cube" is Special Summoned while "Genex Neutron" is on your field (or vice-versa), either "Vylon Sigma" (in "Sigma OTK" Deck) or "Vylon Delta" (in "Element Swarming" Deck) can be Synchro Summoned.
    • If there already both "Vylon Cube" and "Genex Neutron", this card can also be used to Special Summon either "Vylon Sphere" or "Vylon Tetra", or even two copies of this card for both, in preparation for Synchro Summoning "Vylon Omega".
      • If there are three copies of this card in your hand, along with "Genex Neutron" and "Cube", "Tetra" and "Sphere" in your Graveyard, "Vylon Omega" can actually e Synchro Summoned even without "Vylon Element".