Card Tips:Magician of Chaos

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  • This card can destroy itself with its own effect to summon "Magician of Black Chaos MAX" from your hand instantly, then use that card's effect to tribute a monster or its own self to lock out your opponent of monster effects.


  • "Chaos" and "Black Luster Soldier" Ritual Monsters:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Black Luster Soldierカオス・ソルジャーEARTHWarrior830002500
Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldierちょうせんカオス・ソルジャーEARTHWarrior830002500
Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon青眼の混沌龍ブルーアイズ・カオス・ドラゴンDARKDragon830000
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragonブルーアイズ・カオス・MAXマックス・ドラゴンDARKDragon840000
Magician of Black Chaosマジシャン・オブ・ブラックカオスDARKSpellcaster828002600
Magician of Black Chaos MAXマジシャン・オブ・ブラックカオス・MAXマックスDARKSpellcaster828002600