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"DoSolfachord Coolia"
  • ドレミコード
  • Doremikōdo (romanized)
  • Doremichord (translated)
  • Solfaccord
  • Solfakkord
  • Solfaccordo
  • 도레미코드
  • Doremikodeu (romanized)
  • Solfacorde
  • Solfacorde

"Solfachord", known as "Doremichord" (ドレミコード Doremikōdo) in the OCG, is an archetype of female Fairy Monsters, consisting mostly of Pendulum Monsters introduced in Deck Build Pack: Ancient Guardians.



"Solfachord" monsters are depicted as girls of various ages (gradually seeming older as their Levels increase) in elaborate and colorful Victorian-esque dresses, accompanied by chibi version of themselves; the chibis generally wear simpler versions of the same dresses, but with sleeves that are excessively long and baggy and no legwear or shoes. For Pendulum members, the girls carry conductor batons while the chibis wield various musical instruments; in contrast the Link "Musesea" is depicted as a woman playing a piano while the chibi carries a pen and a music sheet.


The archetype derives its name from Solfège—the western system of assigning syllables to musical notes so that they can be read easily, the first three of which are famously "Do", "Re", and "Mi"—as well as musical chord.


All of this archetype's Pendulum Monsters have different Levels and Pendulums Scales from 1 to 8, the Scales going down as the Levels go up. The monster's corresponding note is added before the archetype's string in the monster's name. The unique names of the monsters themselves are based on words and adjectives relating to beauty and goodness, given a feminine "-ea" suffix.

Monster Level Scale Note Chibi's instrument Adjective
Cutia 1 8 Do Harmonica Cute
Dreamia 2 7 Re Flute Dreamy
Eliteia 3 6 Mi Cello Elite
Fancia 4 5 Fa Accordion Fancy
Gracia 5 4 So Saxophone Graceful
Angelia 6 3 La Trumpet Angelic
Beautia 7 2 Si Harp Beautiful
Coolia 8 1 Do Violin Cool
Musecia N/A N/A N/A Piano Muse

Playing style[edit]

All low-Level/high-Scale "Solfachord" monsters share the Pendulum Effect of preventing negation of "Solfachord" Pendulum Monsters' Pendulum Summons, while the high-Level/low-Scale members prevent the opponent from responding to them with monster effects and Spell/Trap Cards.

In addition, all even-numbered Level/odd-numbered Scale "Solfachord" monsters have an effect that requires the player to have an odd-numbered Scale in their Pendulum Zone, whereas all odd-numbered Level/even-numbered Scale ones have an effect that requires the player to have an even-numbered Scale in their Pendulum Zone.

Being a Link Monster, "Musesea" is an exception. Instead, it lets the player swap Pendulum Monsters between their hand and Extra Deck, which helps in amassing "Solfachord" monsters with matching Scales, as well as recuperating potentially-expensive Pendulum Summons by tutoring a "Solfachord" Pendulum Monster from the Deck when they Pendulum Summon "Solfachord" monsters. Being a Rating 2 Link Monster also means that it opens up 1 additional Monster Zone to Pendulum Summon from the Extra Deck.

Recommended cards[edit]