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Ben H.
CollegeSomewhere in NYS
  • currently a Junior
  • graduate '13
MinorComputer Science
Lives inNew York State
Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Games
Gameboy ColorDark Duel Stories
Gameboy AdvanceEternal Duelist Soul
Reshef of Destruction
Stairway to the Destined Duel
WC Tournament 2004
Destiny Board Traveler
7 Trials to Glory: WC 2005
GX Duel Academy
Ultimate Masters: WC Tournament 2006
PlaystationForbidden Memories (still own a PS)
5D's TF4
5D's TF5 (in Japanese)
...Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan...

Personal Site Achievements[edit]

  • 1000 Edits! 2-3-10
  • 2000 Edits! 10-15-10 Bhigpx (talkcontribs) 19:30, October 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • 3000 Edits! 2-27-12 Bhigpx (talkcontribs) 23:37, February 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • 4000 Edits: 6-13-17


  • Reformat Music pages to all be consistent, in displaying Kanji/Kana/Phonetic/Translation.
  • Adding Japanese lores for cards missing them.

About Me[edit]

I'm currently a college student, in New York State, hoping to graduate Spring '13. And I, well, really LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh!, so much so, that:

  • I come here to this site to make edits every day (most every day)! Real fun and enjoyable--great way for me to relax. :)
  • If I could become a card designer, or really just have any job related to Yu-Gi-Oh!, I would take the job in a heartbeat.
  • I have tried to teach myself Japanese, which really started out of wanting to be able to see the original Japanese 'dubbed' episodes, so I could understand them (3 years since I first started learning).
    • It's helped me understand other Japanese 'dubbed' anime, being able to figure out somewhat what's being said.
    • It's helped out here, being able to: read the Japanese names of cards not yet introduced to the TCG; read card lores of cards not yet translated; edit pages to add Kanji, Kana, add the phonetic pronunciation, or translate a card's name.
    • Also, I have TF5 in Japanese, and I can pretty much in the game, but also in general, read any Japanese card lore/effect and understand it pretty readily.
  • I have seen all the original series episodes (Toei anime) subbed.
    • Took me a little less than 2 weeks to watch it all; good series for anyone wanting to watch more Yu-Gi-Oh! or anime in general.
  • I have seen all the Yugi arc episodes (NAS series) in Japanese, subbed.
    • Not the best subs, but still in my opinion than the 4Kids dub (esp. since original keeps original names (characters + cards), original voices, original plot elements (NO addition of 'Shadow Realm'), etc.).
  • I have seen all of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, most subbed, a few I just followed from the Japanese I could understand and what was taking place visually (esp. during duels, while everyday 'Academy life' was a bit harder to make out)
  • Currently getting through Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's subbed, right now at about episode 79
    • Definitely my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series thus far; I've seen all the 5D's episodes in Japanese before, just now going through every episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, starting from the very beginning.
  • I make cards using Magic Set Editor, then make the same thing on Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker; I upload the MSE images to the YCM Wiki.
    • Recently started using Yugico, mostly as a means of making Xyz Monsters, since MSE and YCM do not have an Xyz template.
    • I try my hardest to use the best grammar, to make the effects seem as grammatically real as possible (also using realistic, non-overpowered effects/ATK/DEF etc.)
    • I have started posting my own card ideas on YCM; provided are my Contributions to the site (most of my contributions are towards my own cards; you'll know based on the card's/page's history) and my Profile (currently lacking content); any questions/comments/suggestions on my card ideas are greatly appreciated :)