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  • In episode 11, Joey Wheeler finds Tristan Taylor's cards and thinks they are cards somebody forgot until Tristan yelled at him to give it back as those are his cards. Joey notices this card and notes it looks familiar. Joey then takes out "Swamp Battleguard" and notices both cards are similar to each other. Tristan gives this card to Joey and states he should try it out sometime and Joey states he will. Joey later uses this card during his Duel against Rex Raptor. He Normal Summons this card in Attack Position. This card then gained a Field Power Bonus". This card and "Swamp Battleguard" then gain 500 ATK from each other. "Serpent Night Dragon" then attacks "Swamp Battleguard", but since "Swamp Battleguard" had higher ATK than "Serpent Night Dragon", the latter is destroyed. In the next episode, this card attacks and destroys Rex's set "Trakodon". Later "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" (whose ATK was 3000 due to "Dragon Nails") attacks and destroys both Battleguards.
  • In episode 16, this card can be seen in Kaiba's briefcase when he takes out a Duel Disk from his briefcase and tosses it to Joey.
  • In episode 32, this card can be seen in Joey's hand during his Duel against Bandit Keith.
    • This card also appears in a flashback that Maximillion Pegasus sees in Keith's mind. This card is shown being used in a gamble Duel between Bandit Keith and a person in the bar.
  • In episode 218, Tristan uses this card and "Swamp Battleguard" to fight Zorc Necrophades's henchmen. After a while, Yugi says there is no time to fight as they must find Yami Yugi. With all their concentration, Yugi and his friends escape the henchmen and head towards where Yami Yugi is.

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