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  • In episode 107, Nezbitt uses this card during his Duel against Duke Devlin and Serenity Wheeler. He summons this card through the effect of "Recycling Plant". Nezbitt then made this card his new Deck Master since "Robotic Knight" was used for this card's summon. Since there were four Machine-type monsters on the field, this card gained 2000 ATK. This card then gained 500 ATK due to the effect of "Clockwork Night". Nezbitt then uses this card to attack Duke's "Orgoth the Relentless". The effect of "Dice Dungeon" then activates. Nezbitt got a five, so this card's original ATK is halved until the end of the Damage Step. Duke got a one, so the ATK of "Orgoth" decreases by 1000. This card then destroys "Orgoth". This destroys "Dice Dungeon" since Duke had no other monsters on the field when "Orgoth" was destroyed. After Serenity removes her "Lady Panther" and "The Forgiving Maiden" from the field, this card's ATK decreases by 1000. Later Serenity Fusion Summons "St. Joan". Due to the effect of "Command Angel", "St. Joan" gains 400 ATK. Duke then activates "Strike Ninja's" Deck Master Ability to activate "Tristan Taylor's "Rare Metal Soul" as his card, allowing Duke to increase the ATK of "St. Joan" by 1000. "St. Joan" then attacks this card. Both monsters are then destroyed in a Double KO. Since this card was Nezbitt's Deck Master, Nezbitt lost the duel by default, however he still took Tristan's body as he was defeated in the duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

  • In episode 16, this card was taken by Beauregard from an Obelisk Blue student at the start of the episode during his run as the Duel Giant. This card was later seen as one of the many cards Beauregard took from other students (The scene that showed these cards was cut from the dub).
  • In episode 17, this card is shown in Damon's flashback where it was shown going down a waterfall as part of Damon's training montage.
  • This card appears in the second version of GX Japanese opening song of 99%.

Video games[edit]