Card Trivia:Flame Swordsman

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  • This card's sword appears in the artwork of "Salamandra".
  • The kanji (炎) on the sword in this card's artwork translates to "flame".
  • In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, during the Virtual World arc, this card acted as Joey Wheeler's Deck Master, whose Deck Master ability allowed it to reduce its ATK in order to increase another monster's ATK.
    • This card is also the only Deck Master not owned by The Big Five to be used more than once during the Virtual World arc. It was also Summoned to the field during one of the last turns in the Duels this card appears in.
    • This card's Deck Master ability would later be integrated into the effect of "Blue Flame Swordsman", whose anime effect can also Special Summon this card from the when it is destroyed.