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The World of Civilization (文明の世界, Bunmei no sekai) is the third Duel World in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008.

In this world, the player will see a volcano and a factory area.



Once again, the player will face some Duelists.

And The Unhappy Maiden is in need of help. Give her 4000 Life Points of LP recovery cards and she will give the player The Unhappy Girl, The Unhappy Maiden, and the player unlock her in World Championship Mode.

If the player do chance upon Molten Behemoth, it'll wager a card and request that the player Duel it for it. Win, and the player will get his offered card.

After beating each Duelist (not including Molten Behemoth) once, the player has to head back to the World of Grace and talk to Ojama Black. Then, the player has to go to the Pyramid in the World of Sunlight, where Ojama Green can be foud and dueled. Win or lose, the player then has to head back to the World of Civilization to find Ojama Yellow being attacked by Blowback Dragon. Duel it and win.

For the effort, the player unlocks Ojama Yellow and Blowback Dragon in World Championship Mode. Kozaky will also invite the player to his lab.

Kozaky's Lab[edit]

Kozaky's Lab

He will ask the player if the player wants to be a part of his Duel research. There, the player must Duel and beat Inpachi, Blazing Inpachi, and Woodborg Inpachi once each. This unlocks Woodborg Inpachi in World Championship Mode.

Kozaky then asks the player for a favour - to enter the cave in the volcano and find its treasure.

Volcano's Cave[edit]

Civilization Volcano Cave

Inside await three more Duel spirits.

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu can sometimes be found in the cave, and he offers to make Equip Spells for the player at a price of a small amount of DP. If the player refuses to pay for the card Kotetsu made, the player will Duel him, and if the player wins, they get the Equip Spell for free.

After defeating each Duelist (not counting Kotetsu) once, the player will receive the volcano's treasure - Limiter Removal.

After the player receives the volcano treasure, the player has to take it to Kozaky, and he'll work on his new creation, Giga Gagagigo, which goes out of control. The player has to Duel it and defeat it, and the player will unlock Kozaky in World Championship Mode and find the gate to the next world.



At the gate, the player will be challenged by Speed Guardian - Ferrario. The player has to beat him three times in a row without resting in between, and the player can only carry a maximum of 10000 LP over to the next Duels. Defeat him, and the player can travel to the World of Darkness, and it will also unlock several items, including the Axel Brodie Disk and Axel Brodie in World Championship Mode.

The player can continue dueling against the various forms of Inpachi by returning to Kozaky's Lab after defeating Ferrario.

Stone Monument[edit]

Stone Monument

The Stone Monument will appear once the player has defeated all of the Duel spirits outside of the volcano five times each. The stone monument has a carving of VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon, the player needs to summon VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon and win the Duel in order to unseal it. Beating the monument will unlock Chazz Princeton in World Championship Mode.