Elemental HERO Wildheart (Duel Links)

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Release Removal Acquisition Cost/requirement Qty.
2021-08-01 Supreme King Jaden Starter Deck 2
2019-09-01 2019-09-08 Jaden Yuki's Birthday Celebration Gift (Glossy) Event Reward 1
2019-07-31 Jaden/Yubel Starter Deck 1
2017-09-28 Level-Up Reward — Jaden Yuki Level 3 1
2017-09-28 Jaden Yuki Duel Reward

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese E・HEROエレメンタルヒーロー ワイルドマン ①:このカードはモンスターゾーンに存在する限り、罠カードの効果を受けない。
Erementaru Hīrō Wairudoman

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Characters' Decks

The following characters use "Elemental HERO Wildheart" in their Decks.

Character Deck Qty
Supreme King Jaden Supreme King Deck 2
Jaden/Yubel Jaden/Yubel Deck 1
Jaden Yuki Fusion Heroes 1
Jaden Yuki Return of a HERO 2
Jaden Yuki A HERO's Victory 1