Tag Duel Tournament IV

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Tag Duel Tournament IV
Tag Duel Tournament IV
EnglishTag Duel Tournament IV
Event information
TypeTag Duel Tournament
  • May 7, 2019 – May 16, 2019
Card Trader EX
  • May 7, 2019 – May 23, 2019
  • May 7, 2019 – May 23, 2019

Tag Duel Tournament IV is an event that occurred in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It is a reworked version of the previous Tag Duel Tournament.

It allows the player to unlock Lumis and Umbra as playable characters.

Tag Duel mechanics[edit]

Tag Duels in this event play with the following rules:

  • Each team begins the Duel with 6000 Life Points.
  • Players on the same team share the same field and Life Points but have separate hands, Decks, Extra Decks, and Skills.
    • Players have knowledge of any face-down cards on their side of the field regardless of their owner.
    • Automatically activated Skills activate when they meet their activation conditions regardless of which player of the team is currently active.
  • The Battle Phase cannot be conducted on Turn 1, but can be on subsequent turns.
  • Players and teams alternate turns; Player 1 of Team A moves, then Player 1 of Team B, then Player 2 of Team A, then Player 2 of Team B, then back to Player 1 of Team A, etc.
  • During a team's turn, on the opposing team the last player to take their turn is the active player (so they are the player that handles the activation of cards and effects during that turn). During Turn 1, the player of the opposing team who will not move until Turn 4 is the active player.
    • The human player will move on Turn 1 if their team goes first, or on Turn 4 if their team goes second. This is because the human player is always the active player of their team during Turn 1.

Event Flow[edit]

The event is divided in three Cups: Red Dragon Archfiend Cup, Blue-Eyes Cup, and Armed Dragon Cup, with the latter being made available after May 9, 2019. Each cup must be cleared before moving to the next, and completed cups can be replayed at any time.

At the end of each Duel, the player earns 1 Tag Coin for each 100 Assessment Points (for a maximum of 80 Tag Coins). A multiplier is applied after the 80 coin cap, depending on the difficulty of the Tournament.


Despite pairs of opponents having one Deck name, the two opponents actually have distinct Decks.

Cup Round Opponents Deck
Red Dragon Archfiend Round 1 Handsome Stan & Wild Dan Water of Life
Round 2 Crow Hogan & Officer Tetsu Trudge Blackwings on Duty
Round 3 Leo & Liam Machines and Dragons
Semi-Final Luna & Chloe Forest Spirits
Final Round Yusei Fudo & Akiza Izinski Stardust and Roses
Blue-Eyes Round 1 Tristan Taylor & Mako Tsunami Manly Men
Round 2 Mai Valentine & Rex Raptor Dino Harpies
Round 3 Yugi Muto & Téa Gardner Disciples of Dark Magic
Round 4 Yami Bakura & Bonz Occult Zombies
Semi-Final Yami Yugi & Joey Wheeler Unbreakable Bond
Final Round Lumis and Umbra Ritual of Masks
Armed Dragon Round 1 Jaden Yuki & Syrus Truesdale UFOroid Fighter
Round 2 Paradox Brothers Paradox Fusion (Level 20)
Guardians of the Gate (Level 40)
Round 3 Bastion Misawa & Tyranno Hassleberry Dinos and Yokai
Round 4 Alexis Rhodes & Madison Rituals on Ice
Round 5 Maximillion Pegasus & Dr. Vellian Crowler Ancient Toons
Semi-Final Jesse Anderson & Yubel Crystals and Love
Final Round Aster Phoenix & Sartorius Kumar Double Destiny



Cup Clear Round Completion Reward
Red Dragon Archfiend First Clear Round 1 10 Gems
Round 2 3 Extra Cards
Round 3 1 "Kuwagata α"
Semi-Final 10 Gems
Final Round 1 "Searchlightman"
Second Clear Round 1 10 Gems
Round 2 50 R Jewels
Round 3 20 Gems
Semi-Final 20 Gems
Final Round 1 "Comrade Swordsman of Landstar"
Third Clear Round 1 20 Gems
Round 2 3000 Gold
Round 3 50 R Jewels
Semi-Final 20 Gems
Final Round 1 "Starlight Road"
Blue-Eyes First Clear Round 1 10 Gems
Round 2 1 Extra Life
Round 3 1 SR Jewel
Round 4 20 Gems
Semi-Final 20 Gems
Final Round Access to Lumis and Umbra as a playable characters
Second Clear Round 1 20 Gems
Round 2 1 Extra Life
Round 3 1 SR Jewel
Round 4 20 Gems
Semi-Final 5000 Gold
Final Round 1 "Obsidian Dragon"
Third Clear Round 1 20 Gems
Round 2 5000 Gold
Round 3 1 SR Jewel
Round 4 20 Gems
Semi-Final 30 Gems
Final Round 1 "Splendid Venus"
Armed Dragon First Clear Round 1 20 Gems
Round 2 1 Extra Card
Round 3 1 SR Jewel
Round 4 1 "Final Gesture"
Round 5 5000 Gold
Semi-Final 20 Gems
Final Round 1 "Illusory Snatcher"
Second Clear Round 1 20 Gems
Round 2 7000 Gold
Round 3 1 UR Jewel
Round 4 1 "Evilswarm Obliviwisp"
Round 5 10000 Gold
Semi-Final 20 Gems
Final Round 1 "Chaos Goddess"
Third Clear Round 1 7000 Gold
Round 2 30 Gems
Round 3 30 Gems
Round 4 1 UR Jewel
Round 5 10000 Gold
Semi-Final 30 Gems
Final Round 1 "Red Rising Dragon"
Fourth Clear Final Round Tag Duel Tournament IV Completed

Card Trader EX[edit]

The Card Trader EX appears during this event and remained open until one week after its conclusion (May 23, 2019). The player can trade their EX Jewels for cards, Booster Items, and Gold. Each card and Booster Item can only be obtained once from the Card Trader EX during this event, but the Gold can be obtained any number of times.

EX Jewels Item
100 10000 Gold
10 1000 Gold
1 100 Gold
50 5 Results Booster
50 5 EXP Booster
50 5 Extra Life
50 5 Extra Card
300 1 "Red Rising Dragon"
300 1 "Starlight Road"
300 1 "Illusory Snatcher"
100 1 "Splendid Venus"
100 1 "Comrade Swordsman of Landstar"
100 1 "Chaos Goddess"
100 1 "Obsidian Dragon"
100 1 "Evilswarm Obliviwisp"
100 1 "Missing Force"
100 1 "Final Gesture"
30 1 "Trust Guardian"
30 1 "Searchlightman"
30 1 "Nuvia the Wicked"
30 1 "Shining Abyss"
30 1 "Darkfall"
30 1 "Armed Dragon LV7"
10 1 "Kuwagata α"
10 1 "Kageningen"
10 1 "Rallis the Star Bird"
10 1 "Three-Legged Zombies"
10 1 "Masked Clown"
10 1 "Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie"


The player can spend a multiple of 30 Lottery Coins (max. 300 at a time) to obtain one random reward for each 30 Lottery Coins spent.

Lottery Rewards
Rainbow "Red Rising Dragon" (UR), "Starlight Road" (UR), "Illusory Snatcher" (UR), "Splendid Venus" (SR), "Comrade Swordsman of Landstar" (SR), "Chaos Goddess" (SR), "Obsidian Dragon" (SR), "Evilswarm Obliviwisp" (SR), "Missing Force" (SR), "Final Gesture" (SR)
1 UR Jewel
Gold "Trust Guardian" (R), "Searchlightman" (R), "Nuvia the Wicked" (R), "Shining Abyss" (R), "Darkfall" (R), "Armed Dragon LV7" (R)
3000 or 2000 Gold
10 Gems
10 Gate Keys (White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or Green)
1 SR Jewel
20 EX Jewels
Normal "Kuwagata α" (N), "Kageningen" (N), "Rallis the Star Bird" (N), "Three-Legged Zombies" (N), "Masked Clown" (N), "Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie" (N)
1000, 600 or 300 Gold
5 or 1 Gem(s)
5 Gate Keys (White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or Green)
5 R Jewels
10, 5, or 1 EX Jewels (Duel Chronicles)