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"If you spend all your time whining about how much the world sucks, you'll never get a chance to change it."

Hail the pompous flame deity, or he'll steal your tickets.

I'm not a huge of a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, actually, as many of the characters annoy me quite a bit. I do have a soft spot for the monsters, though, and that's my specialty, tracking down missing monster images.

Darth_Culator-proclaimed "smartass."

Also an editor for Wookieepedia and wherever else the wind takes me. I have a sneaking suspicion that Wookieepedia is trying to get rid of me.

Unique(?) beliefs[edit]

  • I believe that Jaden is less of a lucksack than Yugi was.
  • My favorite character is Pegasus.
  • Apart from Pegasus, Gagagigo is the most sympathetic character in all YGO media.
  • Now that we know they have wills of their own, the Duel Monsters should leave their lives of being bossed around by kids with stupid hair and form an awful comedy club... or something...

Must remember this link.

Ruined FOREVER[edit]

Multi-billion dollar franchises based on card games are surprisingly fragile. The fans realize what Konami does not, and that is, that YGO sits on a precipice. One tip in the wrong direction and YGO could be Ruined FOREVER. This has apparently happened several times.

Things that have Ruined YGO FOREVER in the past[edit]


Interesting stuff[edit]