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  • "Jam Breeding Machine" can be used to make Tokens for Tributes. However, "Jam Breeding Machine" will need to be played after playing the "Panther Warrior" since a condition of "Jam Breeding Machine" states that the player cannot Summon other monsters.
    • "Scapegoat" is another effective way of generating Tokens for "Panther Warrior".
  • "Skill Drain" can be used, so this card can attack without Tributing a monster.
    • "Forbidden Chalice" will also accomplish this for a turn and grant extra ATK as well.
    • "Axe of Fools" is potentially longer-lasting, and increases its ATK to 3,000.
  • Remember that it doesn't needed to attack at all. It can be leaved there in Attack Position to defend your Life Points.
  • If a monster is Flip Summoned with a flip effect, chances are it's a monster with low ATK, which could open your Life Points to heavy damage on the next turn. "Panther Warrior" can conduct the flip effect, eliminate your weak point, and gain a strong attack into the bargain.
  • Among the Level 4 high ATK monsters, this card has plenty of DEF as well. Use "Wild Nature's Release" to take advantage of this.
    • Just make sure there is a defense or restorative card (e.g. "Beast Soul Swap") ready, as this move will cost two monsters.
  • This card can be used for removing "Ojama Tokens" or any other monster that is only taking up space.
  • A good way to get this card out of your Deck is by using "Soul Rope" since it's a Level 4 monster.
  • Take control of an opponent's monster with effects like "Number 34: Terror-Byte" and have "Panther Warrior" Tribute it to attack, thereby eliminating the opponent's monster and getting almost a free attack.
  • Use this card alongside Pendulum Monsters to send them to the Extra Deck for easily-replenishable Tribute fodder.
  • This card alongside "Gusto Falco" and "Gusto Gulldo" can be used to activate their effects. Unlike most effects that include a Cost which cause "Falco" and "Gulldo" to miss timing, there is no interruption with "Panther Warrior" since it doesn't need to declare an attack after it Tributes for its effect.
  • "Sangan" can be Tributed to search out a monster as well as attack.

Traditional Format[edit]