Player (World Duel Carnival)

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  • Male
World Duel Carnival!
  • The Knights of Chaos who Pursue the Twilight ★7
  • Counter Duelist Unit ★7
  • The Maiden who Dances with the Rabbit Versed in Ninjitsu ★7
Appears in
Nintendo 3DSYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival
Player (World Duel Carnival)

The player character in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival is based on the player character from the Tag Force series, and appears to be the same character. His name is chosen by the player when starting a new save file.

The player character's own storyline is unlocked after finishing Zexal's story. Unlike any other character, the player character's story consists of duels against every single Tier 1 and Tier 2 opponent, with Reginald, Kite and Zexal being faced in the tournament finals. Finishing his storyline unlocks all Tier 2 characters in Story Mode, and gives the player the Deck Recipes of every Tier 3 opponent. In the localized release of the game, this also includes the Deck Recipes of all characters whose storyline was cut from the localization.

Many comments are made about the player character during their storyline. Characters such as Brooke Walker refer to him as a legendary duelist. Dumon determines that he must be Nash, claiming Nash had always worn the same hat. Yuma Tsukumo recalls a story his father told him about the hat. His father had found the hat on one of this adventures. He told Yuma to never touch it, as it had the power to change the fate of the world.

The player is listed as Duelist Number 000 in Story Mode, but he does not have a character profile and is not registered in the duelist database.



The player character has the following 3 Decks registered as their Deck Recipes.