Andrew Green

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Andrew Green
Andrew Green
English name
  • Andrew Green
Japanese translatedAnji Kurokado
Japanese name
Japaneseくろかど あん
Base黒門 暗次
Furiganaくろかど あんじ
RōmajiKurokado Anji
  • Male
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival
Appears in
Nintendo 3DSYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Tag Force Special
Green, Andrew

Andrew Green, known as Anji Kurokado in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival and Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Tag Force Special.



粗暴そぼう性格せいかく学内がくないでは危険人物きけんじんぶつとしてけられており、友人ゆうじんはほとんどいない。 デュエルよりさきるタイプだが、相手あいてがデュエリストだとかれば正々堂々せいせいどうどうとデュエルで決着けっちゃくをつけようとする。 不良ふりょうデュエリストたちとの関係かんけいうわさされているが、かれこわがってかだれ真相しんそうこうとはしなかった。

かれにとってのデュエルは自己じこ顕示けんじするで、大人おとなとも対等たいとうわたえる唯一ゆいいつ手段しゅだんでおり、だれ相手あいてであろうともおくさず勝負しょうぶいどむ。 とにかくつよ相手あいてとデュエルをするのがきで、実力じつりょくみとめた相手あいてには敬意けいいあらわすことも。


A student attending Maiami's Second Junior High School.

A rough and tough individual. Considered dangerous by most people in the school, and has very few friends. Not the kind of person who asks for duels, but he will be satisfied with dueling to settle disputes if he knows the other person is a duelist. Rumored to have been tied to dueling delinquents in the past, but people are too scared of him for this to be confirmed.

For him, dueling is a way for people to show how they really are like and it is the only subject in which people around his age can be on the same level as adults, and approaches all challenges without hesitation. He prefers stronger opponents, and is pleased when people recognize his abilities.

The feeling is usually not mutual, however, as he is fairly foul-mouthed.


World Duel Carnival[edit]

The Core Hidden Inside Me (俺の中に潜むコア, Ore no Naka ni Hisomu Koa) ★6
The Eternally Repeating Terror (永遠に繰り返さえる恐怖, Eien ni Kurikaesareru Kyōfu) ★7

Tag Force Special[edit]

Eye Glint of the Black-Eyed Beast (黒き魔獣の眼光, Kuroki Majū no Gankō) ★3
The Devil That Roars And Whispers (悪魔が轟けと囁いている, Akuma ga Todoroke to Sasayaiteiru) ★6
The Man Born In The Darkness (男は暗黒に染まれ, Otoko wa Ankoku ni Somare) ★8