Reaper of the Cards (FMR)

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Reaper of the Cards
Kādo wo Karu Shinigami
Card-Hunting Death God
Type Fiend
Guardian Stars
ATK / DEF 1380 / 1930
Level 5

This monster boasts a strong defense and a massive scythe that cuts through almost anything.

Number 084
Password 33066139
Star Chip cost 290

Obtained by

"Reaper of the Cards" can be won via random drop from the following characters, when the player scores one of the listed ratings. The chance of winning it is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character Rank % 2048th
High Mage Kepura POW: S/A 1.56 32
High Mage Kepura POW/TEC: B/C/D 1.9 39
High Mage Martis POW: S/A 0.59 12
High Mage Secmeton POW: S/A 1.22 25
Neku POW/TEC: B/C/D 3.27 67
Neku TEC: S/A 3.27 67
Neku POW: S/A 3.27 67
Seto 3rd POW: S/A 1.07 22
Seto 3rd POW/TEC: B/C/D 1.56 32
Seto 3rd TEC: S/A 0.98 20

Opponents' Decks

The following characters can use "Reaper of the Cards". The chances for each of the 40 cards in their Deck being "Reaper of the Cards" is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character % 2048th
High Mage Kepura 0.39 8
High Mage Martis 0.39 8
Kaiba 1.17 24
Mage Soldier 0.05 1
Neku 1.56 32
Seto 3rd 0.78 16


"Reaper of the Cards" can be equipped with the following Equip Magic Cards: