Senju of the Thousand Hands (ROD)

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DM4 / DM5 / DM6 / DM7 / DM8

Senju of the Thousand Hands
Senju Goddo
Senju God
Original artwork
Edited artwork
Level 4
Number 174
Type Fairy
Summon Light
Deck Cost 161
ATK / DEF 1400 / 1000

An imposing fairy that has numerous arms for attacking in droves.
The flailing of its forest of arms causes major damage.

Password 23401839

Obtained by

"Senju of the Thousand Hands" can be purchased in the shop.

  • When the player wins a Duel, a number of cards are added to the shop. Each has an intended probability of 49/30,000 of being this card. But due to a bias in the random number generation, it is actually a probability of 98/65,536.
  • When the player enters this card's password (23401839), it appears in the shop.


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