The Wicked Worm B

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The Wicked Worm B
Ja'akunaru Wāmu Bīsuto
The Wicked Worm Beast
Level 3 ★★★
Number 023
Deck Cost 21
ATK / DEF 1400 / 700
Type Beast
Alignment Earth

Worm monster that attacks from below

Password 06285791

Obtained by

"The Wicked Worm B" can be obtained via random drop from the following characters. The chance of winning it is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character % 2048th
Seto Kaiba 0.73 15
Seto 1.22 25

Opponents' Decks

The following characters use "The Wicked Worm B" in their Deck.

Character Qty
Seto Kaiba 3
Seto 1

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese じゃあくなるワーム・ビースト やみのちからで ミミズがモンスターか じめんから とつぜんあらわれこうげき
Japanese translated The Wicked Worm Beast A monster worm created by the darkness. It appears suddenly.