Ultimate Flag

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Ultimate Flag
"Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker"
  • サイキョー
  • 最強旗 (base)
  • サイキョーキ (ruby)
  • Saikyōki (romanized)
  • Strongest Flag (translated)

Ultimate Flag (サイキョー Saikyōki, lit. "Strongest Flag") is a series of LIGHT Machine monsters released to promote the Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! video game.

The series is used by Taiyo Asobe in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel LP manga. "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker" is also used by Yuga Ohdo on one occasion in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. The series is also pitted as the theme for the protagonist of Dawn of the Battle Royale, with "Ace Breaker" being a completely unique card that can be obtained by the protagonist in the game.


Most "Ultimate Flag" monsters are colored white and/or black (except the golden "Ultimate Flag Mech Gold Rush"), with bright colors as highlights, and each features a long digital flag trailing behind it; most members also have a crest in the shape of a hollow Y somewhere on their body.

The "Ultimate Flag" monsters are divided into two subseries: "Ultimate Flag Mechs" and "Ultimate Flag Beasts". The "Ultimate Flag Mechs" are Level 7 monsters with 2500 ATK and 1600 DEF, which take the form of humanoid mecha and serve as the ace monsters of the series, while the "Ultimate Flag Beasts" are low-Level monsters with 200 DEF, and appear as mechanical animals that support the Summon of the "Ultimate Flag Mechs" and empower them.

The backgrounds of the "Ultimate Flag Beasts" depict them in a virtual world, visually reminiscent of the Cyberse World and the backgrounds commonly seen in the artworks of Cyberse Type monsters.

Playing style[edit]

The theme plays an aggresive swarming style to enable the Summon of their ace monsters as soon as possible and gain field domination with their effects. "Ultimate Flag Beast Aim Eagle" can Special Summon any of the "Mechs" from the hand; while the requirement makes the Summon similar to normal Tribute Summon, it also comes with a special boon in the form of a 1000 ATK boost that can help the Special Summoned monster run over anything with 3400 or lower ATK. "Ultimate Flag Beast Surge Bicorn" can be used to recycle used "Beasts" in the Graveyard and then act as 2 Tributes for the Normal Summon of the "Mechs". "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker" is a powerful card even on its own, being able to destroy any monster for the cost of 2 cards from the hand. "Ultimate Flag Mech Tough Striker" and "Ultimate Flag Mech Gold Rush" are best run together, with the latter's effect reaching its full potential if used alongside the former.

Outside of the theme, general-purpose Machine Type support such as "Crafter Drone" and "Assault Armato" can be used to setup or maintain field control. To protect the "Mechs", "Battle Demotion" and/or "Attack Salary Cut" can serve as potent battle Traps. The player can also opt to include both "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World" and "Beast Gear Secret Art - Primal Fist", since both also support Machine Type monsters.