Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Volume 002

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"Turbo Duel!"
EnglishTurbo Duel!
Japanese name
RōmajiRaidingu Dyueru!
TranslatedRiding Duel!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Contains chapters713
Release dates
JapaneseOctober 4, 2016
EnglishSeptember 5, 2017
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Next"Swinging Pendulums of Destiny!"

"Turbo Duel!" titled "Riding Duel!" (ライディングデュエル! Raidingu Dyueru!) in the Japanese version, is the second volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

Promotional card[edit]

The volume includes a promotional card, "Clear Wing Fast Dragon", used by Yugo in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ARC-V Scale 07.png
#7 "Genesis Omega Dragon!" G・O・Dジェネシス・オメガ・ドラゴン
Jeneshisu Omega Doragon!
Yuya tells Yuzu about Genesis Omega Dragon, the card that can destroy the world, while his other personalities roam around his spirit with a mysterious mission.
ARC-V Scale 8.png
#8 "Sora's Hospitality!" 素良のおもてなし!
Sora no Omotenashi!
Sora traps Yuya, forcing him to Duel. However, as the Duel progresses, Sora tells Yuya about his sick little sister, making Yuya hesitate to Duel for real.
ARC-V Scale 9.png
#9 "Fusion vs. Fusion" ゆうごうVSバーサスゆうごう
Yūgō Bāsasu Yūgō
Yuri clashes with Sora and exposes his true colors. However, he is drawn into a corner with the prototype cards Reiji developed for Sora.
ARC-V Scale 10.png
#10 "The Entertainment Ends!" エンタメの結末!
Entame no Ketsumatsu!
The Duel between Yuya and Sora reaches a conclusion. However, at the end of the battle, a new mysterious enemy appears, who invades Yuya's head looking for his memories.
ARC-V Scale 11.png
#11 "Turbo Duel!" ライディングデュエル!
Raidingu Dyueru!
"Riding Duel!"
Yugo confronts the mysterious man who invaded Yuya's memories. However, he is surprised by the man's stunning Turbo Duel skills.
ARC-V Scale 12.png
#12 "High-Speed Strategy!" 高速の駆け引き!
Kōsoku no Kakehiki!
Yugo keeps struggling against Ren inside Yuya's mind. Ren keeps cornering Yugo with his "Reincarnation Synchro" and his outstanding riding skills. However, things seem to be about to change as they reach the depths of Yuya's heart.
ARC-V Scale 13.png
#13 "The Adam Factor!" アダムの因子!
Adamu no Inshi!
The Turbo Duel between Yugo and Ren reaches a conclusion, however, it has consequences on Yuya's memories. Meanwhile, Reiji starts moving.