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"Amazement Administrator Arlekino"
  • アメイズメント
  • Ameizumento (romanized)
  • Incroyable
  • Vergnügung
  • Prodigioso
  • Prodigious (translated)
  • 어메이즈먼트
  • Eomeijeumeonteu (romanized)
  • Diversão
  • Asombro

"Amazement" (アメイズメント Ameizumento) is an archetype that debuted in Lightning Overdrive. It is closely related to the "Attraction" archetype.


Though "Amazement" is a word in English, in the original Japanese, "Amazement" is likely intended to be a portmanteau of "amazing" and "amusement".

In Japanese, the word "Amazement" in each "Amazement" monster's name is applied to the kanji 「驚楽園」 (kyōrakuen lit. "Amazement park"), with 「驚」 (kyō) meaning "amazement" and 「楽」 (raku) meaning "amusement".

Each "Amazement" monster has a job title that begins with the letter A, and a name beginning with A, B, C, or D, that is based on a word associated with comedy. In Japanese, each monster's title is also rendered in a kanji translation, with the non-Japanese reading applied to it.

Playing style[edit]

The archetype revolves around equipping "Attraction" Traps to either "Amazement" monsters or to the opponent's monsters to gain advantage or disrupt their plays. "Amazement Administrator Arlekino" is the ringleader, being able to be Special Summoned from the Hand if a Trap Card is activated. He can also Banish "Attraction" Traps from the Graveyard to Target and Destroy cards on the opponent's field. His final effect lets you equip "Attraction" cards from the Deck to Monsters the opponent Summons. "Amazement Attendant Comica" Sets from your Deck when she is Normal Summoned and is also able to change the Monster an "Amazement" Trap is Equipped to. Her partner is "Amazement Assistant Delia" who can Special Summon herself from the hand by revealing an "Attraction Trap". She also sets "Attraction" Traps from the deck at the cost of sending other "Attraction" Traps from the Hand or face-up Field. This leaves "Amazement Ambassador Bufo" who when Normal Summoned can Equip an "Attraction" Trap in the Graveyard to an opponent's Monster or as a Quick Effect, change the Monster an "Attraction" is equipped to. "Amazing Time Ticket" Adds and "Amazement" Monster to hand or Sets an "Attraction" Trap from the Deck. "Amazement Precious Park" lets an "Attraction" Activate the turn it was Set or swap "Attractions" during the End Phase.

There is one "Amazement" Trap which is also the only non-"Attraction" Trap that supports the theme. "Amazement Family Faces" is a stronger version of "Crackdown" but requires the opponent's Monster to be Equipped with an "Attraction" Trap but turns that Monster into an "Amazement" and boosts its attack while being unable to Activate its effects. The "Attractions" all have 2 effects, one when equipped to the player's Monster and another when equipped to the opponent's. Amaze Attraction Cyclo-Coaster Destroys and opponent's Spell or Trap or adds and "Amazement" Monster to the Hand. "Amaze Attraction Majestic Merry-Go-Round" lowers or increases Attack and "Amaze Attraction Wonder Wheel" rotates cards in your hand with your deck or switches ATK/DEF.

Recommended cards[edit]