Card Trivia:Exodia the Forbidden One

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  • Part of the international version of "Spellbinding Circle" appears in this card's international artwork.
  • This is the first card, as well as the first Effect Monster, to feature an automatic winning condition.
    • This is also the first Effect Monster to not feature a Flip Effect.
    • This is the only card that can allow a victory before either player has a turn.
    • This is also the first card that can only be used to its full effect if a set of cards is gathered in the player's hand.
    • This was also the only card whose effect text contained either of the words "victory" or "automatic". The phrase was later errata'd, along with any other Duel winner cards at the time, from "automatic victory" to "You win the Duel".
  • This card and the required "Forbidden One" monsters for this card's victory condition are a reference to Osiris, the Egyptian god of death, rebirth, and judgment who was killed by his brother, Set, and was dismembered into pieces until his wife, Isis, found all of the pieces and put him back together, enabling him to return to life. This card's effect reflects this, as after obtaining all five "Forbidden One" monsters, the player is able to Summon this monster and bestows "judgment" on the opponent by automatically winning the Duel.
  • In the English-dubbed version of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, this card was nicknamed the "Exodia Head", since this card's artwork is mostly a close-up of this monster's head. In the anime, this monster's non-card form was only its head.
  • The Master Collection Volume 1 release of this card had a typo that missed the "r" letter in "your", which resulted in the text requiring all 5 "Forbidden One" monsters to be in "you hand".