Roa Kirishima's apartment

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Roa Kirishima's apartment.

Roa Kirishima's apartment.


Roa Kirishima's house

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Roa Kirishima

Roa Kirishima's apartment is the residence of Roa Kirishima in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It is located within Goha City and is a very modern home. The apartment became filled with curry after Romin Kirishima was cooking Dragias Curry, to the extent that the entire complex was disgorging curry.[1] While it was eventually cleaned, Roa later claimed the apartment still had a residual smell of curry. It is also connected to the Garden of Providence.[2]

Known rooms[edit]

  • Entrance hall
  • Kitchen/dining room/lounge

Different Views[edit]


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