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About Me[edit]

I started playing Yugioh during Prime Ruler format. I used to collect the cards when I was little, but most of those were lost/ruined, and I got out of it. I love this game and plan to follow it to the very end, so when the anime/manga/video games/card game stops, I'll stop too...though due to Yugioh 6 coming out this year...this may take longer than I thought. On YouTube, I used to be known as one of the many Yuya Sakaki channels, but it had to be deleted for security reasons. My new channel shares the name of my wiki account

The job I want to have in the near future is video editing/movie making. When I was little (Age 7 to 12), I used to make movies using toy soldiers, which is what I collected before Yugioh cards. My favorite type of movie is Found Footage Horror, favorites being: June 9, Blair Witch Project, Blair Witch, Eyes in the Dark, Evidence, Evil Things, and Nightlight. I've attempted writing a few scripts for my own found footage short film, but not much really happened with them. One of my goals for this year is to make one, but I'm facing several problems, such as time, resources, crew, and a couple minor medical problems.

Ever since discovering the Yugioh mangas, I've been trying to write my own. I've mainly been trying to write my own version of ARC-V, since I like the characters. I've completed one thats 56 chapters, but it's not getting published anywhere since I'm doing another version to improve.

What I Do Here and My Goals[edit]

I add recommended card sections to archetypes/series that can use them, do a bit of clean up if I come across any errors while traveling through the site, and update the bios for the ARC-V Manga characters (I need to do more that aren't Yuya and Reiji, lol).

My main goal on this site is to learn how it works and eventually become an admin once I've learned enough.

Thoughts on Cards[edit]

In this section, I review cards because opinions.

Sea Monster of Theseus I actually really like this one. I don't think it's gonna be one of the strongest cards of 2017 like Jerome McHale says, but it's pretty good. I'm probably the only person who'd be willing to Fusion Summon this the Polymerization way, but for now I'm just using Instant Fusion. I find this card works well in a deck with SPYRALs and Speedroids, due to the Synchros you can make. Also, like Jerome said, you can bring it back with Book of Life. I might test that in SPYRALs because, well, I can.

SPYGAL Misty Really, Konami, IT'S ONE LETTER AND YOU ALMOST RUINED IT. When I first read this card, my brain turned off for half a second, and I thought it was a SPYRAL. Then I re-read it, and spit Baha Blast Mtn Dew on my screen in surprise. Anyway, the card is pretty ok. It provides potential draw power and can be sorta a Kirin. I'm getting a playset, yet only running 2.

SPYRAL Tough This is one of my favorite SPYRALs, even though the name is pretty weak in terms of creativity. Should've been called SPYRAL Tough Guy, or SPYRAL Tech. The card is pretty good, it gives you 6 Super Agents, it's searchable by ROTA, it's WIND so it has synergy with certain things, and it can pop stuff. I wish it had a Special Summoning condition, but ah well. I'd run 2 or 3.

SPYRAL Resort One of the two Non-RATE SPYRAL cards I'll review. This is my favorite field spell in the game. It's so good: Making other SPYRAL CARDS untargetable, searching, and shuffling monsters from the grave into the deck as a MAINTENANCE COST. NEVER run less than 3.

SPYRAL MISSION - Assault This card is pretty good, even if it dies after 3 of your turns. It gives the deck draws and can banishing itself from the grave to Special Summon a SPYRAL. I run 3.

SPYRAL GEAR - Utility Wire This card is something the deck really needed. It puts something on the deck so you can get the effects of Agent, Misty, and Tough. Love it, so I'm running 3, and since you can now have 6 Super Agents, it's easy to pull off.

SPYRAL MISSION - Recapture Oh...I don't like this one. I mean, stealing a monster is pretty good, but the changes of you getting something useful while you're playing SPYRALs is tough. I'd run just 1.

Sky Iris My second favorite field spell. Seriously, this card is amazing. Prevents your scales from being blown up so it forces them to destroy it first, searches by destroying something so there's some synergy with things. It searches Non-Monsters too. Run more than 1 in certain decks.

Pendulum Call I wish they didn't limit this. I love this card, even though it doesn't synergize well with Wisdom-Eye. It gives you TWO PENDULUMS and PROTECTS them. I would say run three, but Konami says you can only have one...

My Favorite Archetypes of the ARC-V Era[edit]

Number 6: Abyss Actor. A fun Pendulum Focused deck that can make some fun plays (Also works well with #3)

Number 5: D/D. This deck is a blast. Been playing it since the first 6 cards were announced. Also, they're used by ARC-V's best character.

Number 4: Metalfoes. Fusion and Pendulum in 1 archetype? ALL THE YES.

Number 3: Odd-Eyes/Magician/Performapal. Counting these as one. Been playing them since they were first announced.

Number 2: Dracoslayer/Dracoverlord. They're like D/Ds, focusing on 4 types of Special Summons. They're artworks are incredible and playing a sorta pure deck of them is a blast.

Number 1: SPYRAL. This archetype is one of the funnest things I've ever played. So many different play styles to go for and an archetype based on espionage and spies is an amazing idea.

My IRL Decklists![edit]

These are some of the decks I have IRL. I'm sorta a budget player, so my card choices may seem odd to more competitive players.

This deck started out as just Abyss Actors and Metalfoes, but soon became the current version after I acquired 3 Bunbuku. Fun fact: I built this deck an hour and a half before locals, then found out the next day about Jackie Bernal's match against Logan Proffit, and got to see the same deck I have defeat a meta deck.

Note: A lot of Fusion decks here lol.

So I've playing D/D online since the firsts one's were revealed (Kaiser, Ogre, Chevalier, Armageddon, Kepler, and Galilei), and naturally, I played it as it got better. Here's a bit of a fun story. I walked 10 minutes to my locals the day Pendulum Domination came out...and they were sold out. I bought a butterbeer instead and walked home. When I got home, my friend messaged me that there were three Pendulum Domination at my local Walmart, so I drove over there, and got there in time, and bought all three. When I got home, I threw this together.

So once I heard about SPYRAL and Subterrors, I was immediately interested in SPYRAL, since an archetype based around spies and espionage is an AMAZING concept. I waited patiently, and once the cards were revealed, I was kinda underwhelmed, since they couldn't due much upon first release (Unlike BA and Kozmo), but I built the deck anyway. Eventually, the second wave was released, and the deck got better. My friend and I have a deal that I get any SPYRAL cards he pulls from RATE and he gets any Cardian or Ancient Gears I pull in RATE. Once I get all the cards, this list will be updated.

Notes: One of the things that makes this list interesting is that, until RATE is released, it's the first of my list not to have any Trap Cards. The Extra Deck is unfinished.

The first ever "archetype deck" I built when I got into the game was Gagaga, and it is still my all time favorite deck. I took me a while to acquire all the pieces, but I finally did it, and love it. There's still some changes and improvements to make, but the deck still works.

I started building this deck a while back, sometime during the summer. I've been slowly gathering the pieces and have finally gotten a functional build, but I'm still missing a Dante and don't have a full Speedroid engine yet. The deck is a blast to play and I will be playing it at locals.