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Hi, I'm Hide Head Turtle. I've been a fan of YGO since the beginning (back when the rules are sketchy at best) but I've quit once before and now, I am attracted to it once again.

I'm a fan of the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Specifically, I like the subs better than the dubs and the reason is simple. (Please no more invisible guns!!!)

However, I love the dub version of the NAS anime because I love it when Joey talks with his Brooklyn accent.(BROOKLYN RAGE!)

Unlike the most of you, I don't really play with real cards because it's hard to find a reliable source and counterfeits are more rampant at where I live. (Have you ever seen Marshmallon the spell card?) So instead I play the games. Examples include Reshef of Destruction (That was so long ago), World Championship Tournament 2004 (that was one of my favourites), 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship 2005 (that sucked), Tag Force 3, Tag Force 4, Tag Force 5 and Tag Force 6. Therefore, I have no real deck to speak of but that doesn't deter me from coming up with many different and amusing decks that work in unexpected ways.

I love playing the games as it is easier on my wallet and the computer never cheats. (Except for the part where their scarier decks have like multiple copies of Graceful Charity or something like that).

"What am I doing here?"[edit]

What I do here on the YGO Wikia is mainly answering questions regarding rulings. I can deal with both TCG and OCG rulings. On ocassion, I edit random articles.

I can understand:

  • English: Hello!
  • Chinese: 你好!
  • Cantonese: 你好! (nei hou!)
  • Japanese: こんにちは!
  • Bahasa Melayu: Apa khabar?

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Personal projects[edit]

"Why are they BKSS rulings?"

HHT's Sandbox

List of effectless Effect Monsters

Machine monsters with 2100 ATK or DEF

Deck Garage[edit]

All of these decks are really old.


Blue-Eyes Hopeless Dragon[edit]

Descent of the Darklords[edit]

Advent of the Archlords[edit]

Forum:Turtle's "Advent of the Archlords" Deck

Flipping Mad - Empty Jar[edit]

Mist Dragunity[edit]

Forum:Turtle's "Mist Dragunity" Deck

One-Shot Turbo[edit]

Hopeless Simorgh[edit]

Decks for Free! requests[edit]

This deck showcases the A-Team: Aitsu, Doitsu, Soitsu and Koitsu. The deck has many ways to search for them. Sangan and Deep Sea Diver can search for them in general because they all start with low ATK. There's also Machina Peacekeeper to search for your Union monsters. Special summoning them from the hand is easy with Valhalla and Celestial Transformation. For example, you can special summon Aitsu with Valhalla and then special summon Koitsu with Celestial. Later, equip Koitsu to Aitsu, since Koitsu is no longer treated as a monster it is no longer affected by Celestial. It might take a while to gather your resources but do not fear as the deck is prepared to stall till you get what you need. There's Marshmallon, Swords of Revealing Light and Waboku. You can also use Creature Swap and borrow your opponents monsters for a while and also attack your own monsters, which helps too. Archlord Kristya is there to provide some muscle and slow your opponents down. It can also retrieve any of the fairies that are in the graveyard.

Weekly Deck Competition Entries[edit]

WDC 15: Gigantech Assault[edit]

Hi, I'm HHTurtle. I was the person that suggested this WDC so I figured it be fitting if I joined too. I wanted a real challenge for my first time and I got the hardest one. So, please spare some time to look at this newbie's first presentation.

Basically, this deck is a bit of warriors + Synchro supporrt + Assault support. The deck does work on sending cards to the graveyard and we are all well acquainted with Foolish Burial, Dark Grepher and Armageddon Knight. Cards that work in the graveyard include Destiny Hero - Dasher & Malicious, Plaguespreader Zombie and Necro Gardna. Having them in the deck not only helps Colossal Fighter and its Assault Mode, but also helps the speed and protection. Hand Destruction and Upstart Goblin is there to have more controlled discarding and drawing.

For bringing out Colossal Fighter, I've added a bit of Tricky Turbo. Just special summon The Tricky or Cyber Dragon and summon Psychic Commander. Voila, you got the magic number 8 on the field. Other ways include having Plaguespreader Zombie and Malicious in the graveyard. This works very well with this deck. For example, if you have Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode, Malicious, Dasher or any other dead draw in your hand, you can activate Plaguespreader Zombie'ws effect to ss itself and return the card to the top of your deck and then use Malicious' effect to not only be able to synchro summon but also shuffle your deck for a fresh new draw next turn. Alternately, you can set a monster to ss using Dasher's effect.

I have 2 Assault Beast and 3 Assault Mode Activate so Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode can be brought out pretty fast and you can dump 2 more warriors to further reinforce the strategy. I don't care if your Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode has 3500 ATK, it will just bow down under the awesome effect of my monster. So what happens if you got him out? You can just continue on synchro summoning Stardust Dragon for extra protection.

Finally, the Book of Moons are not only used to flip your opponent's monster, it is also used to flip Colossal Fighter and its Assault Mode counterpart. Why? Because most destruction cards only destroy face up monsters, e.g. Mirror Force and I'm not afraid of it having low DEF because it can ss itself after it's destroyed in battle or just use another Assault Mode Activate.

I'm proud of this deck and in the immortal words of Joey Wheeler, I declare that this deck is "not too shabby".

WDC 16: Structure Deck: Heralds of the Divine Order[edit]

Structure Deck: Heralds of the Divine Order will be the newest structure deck to be released into the OCG and TCG if HHTurtle had his way. It focuses on Counter Fairies and increasing a player's Life Points. It also helps the player draw cards and has a slight beatdown element added to it.

  • English Set Name: Structure Deck: Heralds of the Divine Order
  • Japanese Set Name: STRUCTURE DECK -神の宣告の使者
  • TCG Set Prefix: SDDO
  • OCG Set Prefix: SDXX
  • TCG Release Date: When pigs fly...
  • OCG Release Date: When hell freezes over...
  • Cover Card: Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin
  • Includes 40 cards:
    • 1 Ultra Rare
    • 43 Commons
    • Introduces 2 previous anime-only cards.

Heralds of the Divine Order

Monster Cards

Effect Monsters - 18

Extra Deck - 4

Trap Cards

Traps - 14

Haha, I hoped you like how I tried to make it look kind of official. It just so that I can give it a feel of realism. It is kind of a dream of mine to have a serious Fairy structure deck exist. Some of you might remember my post from Forum:What kind of starter/structure deck would you like to see?. Now, I get to introduce to you all my structure deck idea.

The problem with most Counter Fairy decks is that they are usually too slow or too weak. This structure deck tries to tackle the difficulties that many Counter Fairy decks face on a regular basis.

First off is the way they are played, most counter traps are somewhat specific to a degree. Most people who run this always pray they get the right counter traps at the right time. They also expend their resource rather quickly. You set a lot of them and try to negate as much of you opponent's moves as possible then see that they have a larger card advantage than you do. This deck fixes that by increasing your draw through Morphing Jar and the Parshath monsters. There's also Bountiful Artemis that rewards you with more draws whenever you activate counter traps.

Next comes the problem with ATK strength. For people who play CFs, they know all to well that the usual monsters of the theme have "more than average" but not exceptionally high ATK and most of them just get run down in battle. To make sure that they can at least hold their ground during battle, cards like Luminous Spark, Soul of Purity and Light and Honest are added in. Splendid Venus helps with her ATK reduction as well as her second effect making sure you can always activate your spell or trap cards without interference from your opponent.

Then here's the other part: LP gain. This is actually a part of the beatdown aspect of the deck. It is designed to gain LP and put it to good use. It has Meltiel, Guardian Angel Joan, Supremacy Berry, Cestus of Dagla and some synchro monsters that help gain LP. Then you can channel it into your strategy, using Neo-Parshath, Mars, Saturn and Ancient Sacred Wyvern.

Let me introduce to you the 2 new cards that will be released with this structure deck (hopefully). Counter Force plays almost like Wave-Motion Cannon but seeing as how you will be expected to play counter traps frequently, you can accumulate Charge Counters quickly. This can add pressure to your opponent. Scrap-Iron Barricade is a reusable counter trap. Not only does it ensure the safety of your monster from card effects per turn, it can also help to increase the Charge Counter count.

With the new support and this structure deck, your opponent will be helpless as you control the field and gain LP. In the end, your opponent will have no choice but to submit to the Divine Order.

I won WDC 16, YAY!!! I would like to thank Runer5h for organizing the competition and to all those who voted for this deck, thank you! Your votes were much appreciated.

Random Crap for your Viewing Pleasure[edit]

  • Before the first Saw movie was even released, there was already a Japanese version. It started when Yami Yugi said "I want to play a game...". It later became known as the Toei anime.
  • This is hilarious. You should definitely read this. A list of facts about Jack Atlas... Chuck Norris style!!! [1].