Asian Tournament Promos: 2001

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The promos refer to two different tournaments: the first is the "Second National Conference", as it was called in Japan, it was held on March 2001 even if some rumors say it was held together with the Duel Monsters 3: Legend Of Power tournament on August 2000. The second tournament of 2001 was called "Third National Conference".

Second National Conference[edit]

This Tournament was held in March 2001. These are the caricature promo versions of pre-existing monster cards—Saggi the Dark Clown, Skull Knight and Mountain Warrior—with the names and faces of the tournament winners used for their creation. Kevin Tewart has stated that these are fake;[1] however, they are listed on the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Asia Restricted Card List for the 2010 World Championship Series.[2]

Card List[edit]

Third National Conference[edit]

The second tournament of 2001 was called "Third National Conference" and ended on August 12, 2001. All of these cards feature unique artwork and only one of each exist in the world. It seems that they were approved by Kazuki Takahashi because they were drawn in a design competition.

Card List[edit]