Card Trivia:Dark Paladin

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  • When the 1st Edition packs of Magician's Force were released, the artwork for this card was that of the Duel Master's Guide "Dark Paladin". It was later corrected.
  • This monster further suggests that "Buster Blader" and "Dark Magician" may have some connection. The two monsters do resemble each other, especially in their armor, and their attack and defense power is somewhat alike. They are counterparts, also, in one being a physical attacker (Warrior), and the other a magical one (Spellcaster). Also, "Skilled White Magician" and "Skilled Dark Magician", the two cards that can Summon "Buster Blader" and "Dark Magician" respectively, share very similar ATK, DEF and effect.
    • This monster also has a Trap negating counterpart, in "Sorcerer of Dark Magic", who also must remain face-up on the field to resolve its effect. Yugi also Special Summoned that monster using "Dark Magician" in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, in that case Tributing it instead of using it as a Fusion Material.
  • In all instances where this card was summoned, its ATK point always increased to 4900.