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  • Keep an eye of number of members of "HERO" and "Number" archetypes. Currently stands at [1](140) and [2] (151) respectively.

Cards waiting to be imported[edit]

OCG only:
TCG only:



  • Duel Summaries (including field summaries for episodes that either has a Duel that lasts more than 1 episode or begin in the middle of a Duel).
  • Scripted Duels.
  • New/reprint status for cards of all Booster packs for all listed languages.
  • Cover Cards.

Master Duel Cards/Packs-[edit]

Rush Duel Cards/Packs-[edit]

Anime Cards-[edit]

Manga Cards-[edit]



Keep an eye out for the release of any of the following categories:

--All Spirit Pendulums are from "Martial Art Spirit" series.

--All Spirit Pendulums are from "Martial Art Spirit" series.

Dark Magician Fusions[edit]


  • Dark Magician + Flame Swordsman = Dark Flare Knight.
    • Looks cool, but bad effects, lower stats than Dark Magician, and Flame Swordsman is a Fusion in OCG/TCG, instead of a Normal monster.
  • Dark Magician + 1 Warrior monster = Dark Cavalry.
    • Visually a Fusion with Gaia The Fierce Knight, which it could've specified (or perhaps "1 Gaia the Fierce Knight monster").
  • Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl + 1 Spellcaster monster = The Dark Magicians.
    • Visually a Fusion of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, but the slightly more generic materials are cool. Great effect, but I'm surprised it took so long.
  • Dark Magician + Red-Eyes B. Dragon/1 Dragon Effect Monster = Dragun of Red-Eyes
    • Extremely powerful card, summonable with each archetype's requisite Fusion Spell, looks fantastic, but specification of Dragon Effect monster is a little odd. Dark Magician + Blue-Eyes White Dragon Fusion in the future?


  • Dark Magician + Summoned Skull/1 "Archfiend" monster/1 Fiend monster = Black Skull Magician/Dark Warlock.
    • Related through Yugi's other aces and the Skilled Magician series, along with Buster Blader and Gaia the Fierce Knight. Also the obvious connection between Dark Magic and Fiends.
  • Dark Magician + 1 Spellcaster monster = Dark Mage.
    • With all the Spellcasters related to Dark Magician, this would be pretty useful.
  • Dark Magician + 1 DARK monster = Darkness Magician
    • Double down on Dark Magic.
  • Repeat all of these fusions with Dark Magician Girl?

Neos Triple Contact Fusions[edit]

Neos Triple Contact Fusions
Elemental HERO Neos Flare Scarab-FIRE Grand Mole-EARTH Glow Moss-LIGHT Air Hummingbird-WIND Aqua Dolphin-WATER Dark Panther-DARK
Flare Scarab-FIRE Inferno Magma Solarflare Firestorm Frostfire Darkflare
Grand Mole-EARTH Magma Gravity Plasma Sandstorm Comet Nebula
Glow Moss-LIGHT Solarflare Plasma Shining Celestial Mirage Chaos
Air Hummingbird-WIND Firestorm Sandstorm Celestial Hurricane Storm Thunderstorm
Aqua Dolphin-WATER Frostfire Comet Mirage Storm Ocean Abyss
Dark Panther-DARK Darkflare Nebula Chaos Thunderstorm Abyss Darkness

Since there are only one of each Neo-Spacian in the anime, all Triple Fusions listed above that require 2 Neo-Spacian monsters of the same name are unlikely to be ever exist, therefore are italicized.

Flower Cardian[edit]

Level Hanafuda suit Hanafuda card Points Flower Cardian Featured Yu-Gi-Oh! card ATK/DEF
1 Pine Normal 1 Pine None 100
Poetry tanzaku 5 ? 500
N/A 10 N/A N/A 1000
Crane with Sun 20 Pine with Crane Crane Crane 2000
2 Plum blossom Normal 1 ? 100
Poetry tanzaku 5 ? 500
Bush warbler 10 ? 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
3 Cherry blossom Normal 1 Cherry Blossom Naturia Beetle 100
Poetry tanzaku 5 ? 500
N/A 10 N/A N/A 1000
Camp Curtain 20 Cherry Blossom with Curtain Curtain of the Dark Ones 2000
4 Wisteria Normal 1 ? 100
Plain tanzaku 5 ? 500
Cuckoo 10 ? 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
5 Iris Normal 1 ? 100
Plain tanzaku 5 ? 500
Eight-plank bridge/Irises screen 10 ? 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
6 Peony Normal 1 ? 100
Blue tanzaku 5 ? 500
Butterfly 10 Peony with Butterfly Blazewing Butterfly 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
7 Bush clover Normal 1 ? 100
Plain tanzaku 5 ? 500
Boar 10 Clover with Boar Boar Soldier 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
8 Zebra grass Normal 1 Zebra Grass Naturia Cosmobeet 100
N/A 5 N/A N/A 500
Geese 10 ? 1000
Full Moon with Red Sky 20 Zebra Grass with Moon The Wicked Avatar 2000
9 Chrysanthemum Normal 1 ? 100
Blue tanzaku 5 ? 500
Sake cup 10 ? 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
10 Maple Normal 1 ? 100
Blue tanzaku 5 ? 500
Deer 10 Maple with Deer Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest 1000
N/A 20 N/A N/A 2000
11 Willow Normal 1 Willow Giant Trunade 100
Plain tanzaku 5 ? 500
Swallow 10 ? 1000
Ono no Michikaze with Umbrella and Frog 20 Willow with Calligrapher Flower Cardian Lightshower and Poison Draw Frog 2000
12 Paulownia Normal 1 Paulownia Tentacle Plant 100
N/A 5 N/A N/A 500
N/A 10 N/A N/A 1000
Fenghuang 20 Paulownia with Phoenix Fenghuang 2000

? = missing, N/A = non-existent

Types (and DIVINE Attribute)[edit]

Some of the types are odd choices and seem to be forced into the game. The monsters of these types would probably be better if they were other types:

  • Beast-Warrior: REMOVE
    • Most Beast-Warrior support is combined with Beast and Winged Beast. Out of the three, Beast-Warrior is the weakest concept, and could be separated into Warrior and Beast.
  • Cyberse: REMOVE
    • Originally, the monsters of this types were far too similar to Psychic and Machine, being digital creatures. However, the elemental archetypes created by the Ignis of this type have no common visuals; in fact, they seem relatively random. The idea of "Anything can be a Cyberse" seems like lazy design and an excuse to make a new monster Type.
  • Divine-Beast: REMOVE
    • Similar to Creator God: too few members. Some from the anime/manga were printed as other types.
  • Sea Serpent: REMOVE
    • Similar to Beast-Warriors, most support for this type is tied with Fish and Aqua. Out of the three, Sea Serpent is the weakest concept, as they could effectively be placed in either Fish, Aqua, WATER Dragons, or WATER Dinosaurs.
  • Thunder: SPLIT
    • Thunder is the loud sound that is caused by lightning, due to the rapid expansion of air, therefore wind-based creatures fit this type. These would be mostly focused on bouncing/shuffling cards and card destruction, mostly Spell/Traps. However, Thunder also encompasses electric-based monsters, which focus on card destruction (mostly monsters) and stunning/negation. These monsters would be better suited for a "Lightning" type.
  • Wyrm: REMOVE
    • Likely originally conceived as an alternative type for Dragons, probably due to the sheer number of Dragons already in the game. Some have more of a Beast-like appearance, but most fit into Dragons. Likely made as an excuse to not make them Dragons.


  • Cyborg: REMOVE
    • Combination of Machine and one other Type. Machine would fit these monsters just fine.
  • Galaxy: REMOVE
    • Some kind of space/alien type? Completely unnecessary.
  • Magical Knight: REMOVE
    • Combination of Spellcaster and Warrior. I see the idea, but it's fine being one or the other, rather than a brand new type. Alternatively, it could have an effect that treats it as a second Type.

Most types have a preferred Rank that they like to access, between Ranks 5-8. For example: Dragons typically summon Rank 8's. Ranks 1-4 can be accessed by pretty much any type, whereas Ranks 9-12 can only be properly accessed by archetypes that either support that particular Rank (like "Generaider") or are dedicated to a Rank-Up strategy (like "Raidraptor"). With the above changes combined with the remaining original Types, there are now a total of 20 Types, which means that now each of the Ranks from 5-8 can have 5 types each. All Ranks below are personal choice that seem fitting to me, but some are based on actual Xyz Monsters.

Rank Types
8 Dinosaur, Dragon, Fairy, Fiend, Machine
7 Lightning, Psychic, Pyro, Spellcaster, Warrior
6 Beast, Plant, Reptile, Rock, Zombie
5 Aqua, Fish, Insect, Thunder, Winged Beast

Alternatively, these could be simplified by utilising the Level system below.


Such a wide spread of Levels is rather unnecessary. Simplifying the Level system to just Levels 0, 1, 2, and 3 (with the Level representing the number of required tributes for a Tribute Summon) would streamline the game, with Fusions, Rituals (which are better off in the Extra Deck), and Synchros having Levels equal to the number of materials they require (Level 3 Fusions would also include Fusions that require more than 3 materials, whereas Level 1 Fusions would be few and far between, and exist mostly to fill the gap). Only Xyz would have Level 0 monsters (Levels are more straightforward than Ranks, and would allow Xyz Monsters to be used as material more easily). Additionally, remove Overlay Units and change Xyz to Exceed.


Abilities are an additional classification of monsters. Interestingly, a monster has never had more than one ability. Personally, I don't think all of them should exist.

  • Flip: KEEP-If FLIP effects didn't exist, there wouldn't really be a need for face-down Defense Position. Annoyingly, not all monsters with a flip effect are FLIP monsters, therefore do not benefit from the support. In addition, all FLIP monsters should have an effect can change themselves to face-down Defense Position.
  • Gemini: REMOVE-These are awkward, as they are only treated as Normal Monsters on the field (except when treated as an Effect Monster) or when they are in the Graveyard. Their "Gemini Summon" requires another Normal Summon or a specific card effect, making them too slow. If they were treated as Normal Monsters everywhere except when on the field (barring the need for a "Gemini Summon"), they would be Effect Monsters that would greatly benefit from most Normal Support, including being easier to summon than Effect Monsters of the same Level, while simultaneously rendering Normal Monsters pointless.
  • Spirit: UNDECIDED-Interesting idea: Monsters more powerful than others of the same Level, in exchange for being unable to be Special Summoned and forcefully returning themselves to their owner's hand during the End Phase of which they were Normal Summoned/flipped face-up. However, Special Summoned Spirits usually don't bounce themselves during the End Phase, plus they have a habit of leaving you defenseless. They ought to return themselves to their owner's hand during the End Phase of a turn in which they weren't Summoned, or during their controller's Standby Phase. Personally feel like they're too clunky to be useful, especially in a Deck dedicated to them. Maybe change them entirely to be monsters similar to Crystal Beasts, able to place themselves in the Spell & Trap Zones as Continuous Spells.
  • Toon: REMOVE-Only consists of the Toon monsters Pegasus uses. Doesn't need to be an ability.
  • Union: KEEP-I like the idea of monsters that can equip themselves to other monsters. However, all Union Monsters ought to be able to equip themselves to the requisite monster from the hand and/or field. In addition, there are a number of monsters that can equip themselves from the hand/field that are not Union Monsters (see ZW - and Superheavy Samurai), which ought to be Unions.