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"Appliancer Celtopus", "Propelion", and "Vacculephant"
  • かい.
  • 機塊. (base)
  • きかい. (ruby)
  • Kikai (romanized)
  • Électroménageur
  • Electrocleaner (translated)
  • Gerätewesen
  • Apparecchio
  • Device (translated)
  • 기괴
  • 機塊 (Hanja)
  • Gigoe (romanized)
  • Utensilhor
  • Electrodomésticor
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Appliancer (かい Kikai) is an archetype of Machine monsters used by Roboppi in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.


They're based on creatures and household appliances, similar to the "Junk Robot" archetype.

Card Appliance Animal
Breakerbuncle Circuit breaker Carbuncle
Celtopus Battery charger​ Octopus
Copybokkle Photocopier Bogle
Dryer Drake Hand dryer Drake
Kappa Scale Weighing scales Kappa
Laundry Dragon Washing machine Dragon
Propelion Mechanical fan Lion
Socketroll Electrical socket Troll
Vacculephant Vacuum cleaner Elephant / Ganesha

Playing style[edit]

The "Appliancer" archetype has a unique play-style revolving around their cards being linked or not, referencing the way appliances work. By nature of being a Link Monster-heavy archetype, they can also accomplish swarming to do this. Within the Main Deck, "Socketroll" Special Summons itself from the hand if you control another member of the archetype, which can allow "Copybokkle" to target it and in turn, Special Summon itself from the hand as well; this also lets "Copybokkle" copy that monster’s name until the End Phase. Special Summoning any "Appliancer" while controlling "Socketroll" allows said monster to Summon additional copies of itself from the Deck as well. "Copybokkle" can aid in this as by banishing it from the GY, bar the turn it was sent there, allows it to Summon additional members from the hand and GY as long as they share a name. This can potentially be repeated during each of your turns to quickly Link Summon practically almost any monster for the situation. To protect these monsters, the effects of "Breakerbuncle"can be used, as discarding it during battle can save them from destruction and prevent battle damage. It can also banish itself from the GY to provide protection from card effects that would destroy your cards.

When activated, "Appliancer Electrilyrical World" can add any cards from the archetype to your hand, except any Field Spells. It can also recycle your "Appliancer" monsters in the GY once each turn you Link Summon one of the Extra Deck members and, taking advantage of the way they function is able to move them to different Main Monster Zones when an attack is declared. "Appliancer Reuse" revives any of the monsters, but places them on the bottom of the Deck if they leave the field. "Appliancer Test", on the other hand, is able to bring back multiple Link-1 members from the GY to any zones the targeted "Appliancer" Link Monster points to, though they will be banished if still present during the End Phase.

As for said monsters, the most important one is "Appliancer Celtopus", as it’s the only Link-2 member as well as the only one with Link Arrows that point down; all others point up, as such keeping it in the Extra Monster Zone is paramount to the archetype’s play-style. Luckily, while linked it cannot be targeted for card effects or attacks, while also providing any linked "Appliancer" an additional 1000 ATK per monster linked to "Celtopus" during damage calculation. If an "Appliancer" Link Monster that is not linked is destroyed, it allows you to draw 1 card. For the Link-1 monsters, "Appliancer Dryer Drake" cannot be used as Link Material the turn it’s Link Summoned - an effect shared by all the Link-1 monsters - but gains 1000 ATK if linked and can switch places with any other "Appliancer" during your Battle Phase, which allows the other monster to attack twice, but when a monster that isn’t co-linked is attacked it can negate said attack. "Appliancer Kappa Scale" can Tribute itself to either Special Summon one of its Link brethren or a Level 4 or lower Main Deck "Appliancer" from the GY depending on whether it was or was not co-linked, respectively. "Appliancer Laundry Dragon", while incapable of inflicting battle damage, can banish any monster it battles while co-linked, and while not, it instead destroys that monster while inflicting its original ATK as effect damage. "Appliancer Vacculephant" can send a card from your hand to the GY to target and destroy a card the opponent controls, but while do-linked can destroy any of their monsters without losing hand advantage or is able to attack directly while not co-linked.