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"Appliancer Laundry Dragon"
  • かい
  • 機塊 (base)
  • きかい (ruby)
  • Kikai (romanized)

Anime appearances

Appliancer (かい Kikai) is an archetype of Machine monsters used by Roboppi in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.


They're based on creatures and household appliances, similar to the "Junk Robots".

Card Appliance Animal
Breakerbuncle Circuit breaker Carbuncle
Celtopus Battery charger​ Octopus
Copybokkle Photocopier Bogle
Dryer Drake Hand dryer Drake
Kappa Scale Weighing scales Kappa
Laundry Dragon Washing machine Dragon
Propelion Mechanical fan Lion
Socketroll Electrical socket Troll
Vacculephant Vacuum cleaner Elephant / Ganesha