Space House

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Inside the Space House.

The Space House is a ramen shop in the Garden of Providence in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, renowned among Goha Corporation employees and run by Noodle Sorako.


Goha Corporation workers waiting outside the shop.

While exploring the Garden of Providence in search of the Gate of Providence, Menzaburo Oomori smelled the ramen at the Space House and got in line for the ramen shop, dragging Yuga Ohdo, Luke, Romin Kirishima and Gakuto Sogetsu with him. Once they entered, Noodle Sorako served them ramen that all five kids agreed was among the best they'd ever had. After they had eaten, Sorako challenged them to a Rush Duel, which Menzaburo accepted. During the Duel it was revealed that Sorako's LP powered her ship, so if Menzaburo defeated her, she would be trapped on Earth. The decision whether to defeat Sorako to help Yuga or spare her for the sake of his own dreams held Menzaburo back until Yuga encouraged him to make his own decision. Menzaburo defeated Sorako, who was tkaen away by her mothership to recharge.[1] It is unclear if Sorako will ever return to run the Space House or if the Space House was put under new management after she left.


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