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Weekly Shōnen Jump
Cover of the 1996 issue 42, in which Yu-Gi-Oh! premiered.
Cover of the 1996 issue 42, in which Yu-Gi-Oh! premiered.
English nameWeekly Shōnen Jump
Japanese name
RōmajiShūkan Shōnen Janpu
  • Semimonthly (1968–1969)
  • Weekly (October 1969 – present)
Series printedYu-Gi-Oh!

Weekly Shōnen Jump is a magazine containing news concerning anime, manga and their eponymous video games. The first publications of Yu-Gi-Oh! appeared here, when the manga was originally released.

The first issue's cover date is July 2, 1968. The magazine was originally printed semimontly, until October 1969, when it switched to weekly.


Among other series, Weekly Shōnen Jump serialized the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga from September 14, 1996 to March 8, 2004 and printed the "TRANSCEND GAME" special chapters in April 2016.

Issues have contained news about Yu-Gi-Oh! products and series. A number of issues have featured Yu-Gi-Oh! characters on their covers.

International adaptations[edit]

Weekly Shōnen Jump has been adapted into many foreign languages, including, but not limited to, the American Shonen Jump, the Swedish Shonen Jump and the German Banzai!.

Promotional cards[edit]

Promotional Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are sometimes included in issues of Weekly Shōnen Jump. These cards use the set prefix WJ, WJC and WJMP.

Color pages[edit]

Some chapters have pages printed in full color. When reprinted in tankoban, they were changed to black-and-white. The color versions were not used again until digital copies of the bunkoban were made available in full color, which included touched up versions of these pages.

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