Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm

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Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm
Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm
  • Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeStructure Deck EX
Number of cards23
Cover card
Release date
  • February 19, 2020
Video games

Gladiator's Storm

Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm is an original Structure Deck in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on February 19, 2020.


Create a storm on the battlefield
with "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus"
and "Gladiator Beast War Chariot"!

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
The ace monster of "Gladiator Beast" Decks that can be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck by returning "Gladiator Beast Bestiari" and 1 "Gladiator Beast" monster to your Deck!
When it's successfully Special Summoned, it can destroy up to 2 cards on the field!
Destroy your opponent's powerful monsters or dangerous Spell and Trap Cards with this monster!

Gladiator Beast War Chariot
A Counter Trap Card that negates the activation of a monster effect if you control a "Gladiator Beast" monster.
Disrupt your opponent's strategies and turn the tide of battle!

20 different types of cards (2 UR, 4 SR, 6 R, and 8 N). A total of 23 cards (Main Deck: 20 Cards/Extra Deck: 3 Cards)


"Gladiator Beast Gyzarus"Ultra RareFusion Monster1New
"Unexpected Dai"Ultra RareNormal Spell1Reprint
"Test Tiger"Super RareEffect Monster1New
"Gladiator Beast Andal"Super RareNormal Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Nerokius"Super RareFusion Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast War Chariot"Super RareCounter Trap1New
"Gladiator Beast Hoplomus"RareEffect Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Bestiari"RareEffect Monster2Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Sagittarii"RareEffect Monster1New
"Gladiator Beast Murmillo"RareEffect Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Essedarii"RareFusion Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast's Respite"RareNormal Spell1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Lanista"NormalEffect Monster2Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Dimacari"NormalEffect Monster2Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Secutor"NormalEffect Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast Torax"NormalEffect Monster1Reprint
"Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield"NormalEquip Spell1Reprint
"Indomitable Gladiator Beast"NormalQuick-Play Spell1Reprint
"Disarm"NormalCounter Trap1Reprint
"Parry"NormalCounter Trap1Reprint

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