Masters of Shadow

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Masters of Shadow
Masters of Shadow
  • Masters of Shadow
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster pack
Number of cards50
Cover card
Release date
  • January 31, 2020
Video games

Masters of Shadow

Masters of Shadow is an original pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on January 31, 2020.


Ninjas strike from the shadows,
while the Melodious fuse to create a greater harmony!

Recommended Cards

Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo
The core monster of any "Ninja" Deck!
When its Normal Summoned, you can add 1 "Ninjitsu Art" card from your Deck to your hand, while when its Flip or Special Summoned, you can add 1 "Ninja" monster other than "Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo" from your Deck to your hand!
Search the powerful "Ninjitsu Art" and "Ninja" cards included in the BOX!

Schuberta the Melodious Maestra
A Fusion Monster that can increase its ATK by banishing up to 3 cards from either player's Graveyard!
This effect can be used during your opponent's turn, so banish your opponent's cards in the Graveyard when they attempt to make use of them!

Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight
Once per turn, when an Equip Spell Card is equipped to this monster, you can destroy that card, and then destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls!
In addition, you can send 1 card you control that's equipped to this monster to Special Summon 1 Level 7 or lower "Red-Eyes" monster from your Graveyard!

Storm Dragon's Return
A Trap Card that lets you Special Summoned [sic] 1 banished monster, regardless of its owner!
The monster Special Summoned with this effect will return to the hand at the end of the turn, so use it on a monster that has an effect that activates when Normal Summoned, or an effect that you can use while its in your hand!

A total of 50 types of Cards: 3 UR, 10 SR, 17 R, and 20 N.

Each box of Masters of Shadow contains 100 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards, which will always consist of 2 Normal (aka Common) cards and 1 Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare card. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

The following cards are reprints from previous packs: "Masked Ninja Ebisu", "Worm Apocalypse", "Sword of Dark Destruction", "Air Armor Ninja", "Worm Hope", "Worm Opera", "White Veil", and "Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing".


"Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo"Ultra RareEffect Monster1New
"Schuberta the Melodious Maestra"Ultra RareFusion Monster1New
"Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight"Ultra RareEffect Monster1New
"Power Tool Mecha Dragon"Super RareSynchro Monster1New
"Old Entity Hastorr"Super RareSynchro Monster1New
"Yellow Dragon Ninja"Super RareEffect Monster1New
"Soprano the Melodious Songstress"Super RareEffect Monster1New
"Yosenju Kama 1"Super RareEffect Monster1New
"Worm Xex"Super RareEffect Monster1New
"Mystrick Hulder"Super RareEffect Monster1New
"1st Movement Solo"Super RareNormal Spell1New
"Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation"Super RareContinuous Trap1New
"Storm Dragon's Return"Super RareNormal Trap1New
"Bloom Prima the Melodious Choir"RareFusion Monster6New
"Ultimate Axon Kicker"RareFusion Monster6New
"White Dragon Ninja"RareEffect Monster6New
"Twilight Ninja Getsuga, the Shogun"RareEffect Monster6New
"Yellow Ninja"RareEffect Monster6New
"Sonata the Melodious Diva"RareEffect Monster6New
"Mozarta the Melodious Maestra"RareEffect Monster6New
"Canon the Melodious Diva"RareEffect Monster6New
"Worm Queen"RareEffect Monster6New
"Worm Yagan"RareEffect Monster6New
"Hidden Village of Ninjitsu Arts"RareField Spell6New
"Fortissimo"RareContinuous Spell6New
"Miracle Synchro Fusion"RareNormal Spell6New
"Ninjitsu Art of Decoy"RareContinuous Trap6New
"Supreme Arcanite Magician"NormalFusion Monster9New
"Naturia Gaiastrio"NormalFusion Monster9New
"Goyo Emperor"NormalFusion Monster9New
"Serenade the Melodious Diva"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Elegy the Melodious Diva"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Shopina the Melodious Maestra"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Opera the Melodious Diva"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Tamtam the Melodious Diva"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Solo the Melodious Songstress"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Worm Illidan"NormalEffect Monster9New
"Hourglass of Life"NormalNormal Monster9New
"Hyo"NormalNormal Monster9New
"Beautiful Beast Trainer"NormalNormal Monster9New
"Ninjitsu Art of Mirage-Transformation"NormalContinuous Trap9New
"Melodious Illusion"NormalNormal Trap9New
"Masked Ninja Ebisu"RareEffect Monster6Reprint
"Worm Apocalypse"RareFlip monster6Reprint
"Sword of Dark Destruction"RareEquip Spell6Reprint
"Air Armor Ninja"NormalEffect Monster10Reprint
"Worm Hope"NormalFlip monster10Reprint
"Worm Opera"NormalFlip monster10Reprint
"White Veil"NormalEquip Spell10Reprint
"Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing"NormalContinuous Trap10Reprint

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