Infernity Destruction

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Infernity Destruction
Infernity Destruction
  • Infernity Destruction
RōmajiInferuniti Desutorakushon
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeMain BOX
Number of cards90
Cover card
Release date
  • July 31, 2020
Video games

Infernity Destruction

Infernity Destruction is a Main BOX in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on July 31, 2020.


"Infernity Archfiend" and "Infernity Launcher" are
finally here! Feast your eyes on them!

Recommended Cards

Infernity Archfiend
A very important monster for "Infernity" Decks"!
When you draw this card while you have no cards in your hand, you can reveal it to Special Summon it from your hand!
In addition, when you Special Summon it while you have no cards in your hand, you can add 1 "Infernity" card from your Deck!

Demise, King of Armageddon
A Ritual Monster that can destroy all other cards on the field by paying 2000 Life Points!
Activate this effect and Summon additional monsters to finish your opponent off!

The Weather Painter Snow
When this monster is Normal Summoned, you can place 1 "The Weather" Spell/Trap from your Deck face-up in your Spell/Trap Zone!
Use this effect to play powerful cards such as "The Weather Thundery Canvas" or "The Weather Snowy Canvas," and build towards victory!

Simorgh of Darkness
Once per turn, if you Tribute Summon a DARK or WIND monster while this card is in your hand or Graveyard, you can Special Summon it!
In addition, once per turn, when a Spell/Trap Card or its effect is activated, you can Tribute 1 WIND Winged Beast-Type monster to negate the activation and destroy the card.

A total of 90 types of Cards: 9 UR, 11 SR, 28 R, and 42 N.

Each box of Infernity Destruction contains 180 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards: 2 of them are individually guaranteed to be Normal (aka Common) or Rare, while the third card is guaranteed to be Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

The following cards are reprints from previous packs: "X-Saber Souza", "Simorgh, Bird of Divinity", "XX-Saber Emmersblade", "Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire", "Recon, Scout Fur Hire", "Key Mouse", "Mayhem Fur Hire", "X-Saber Axel", "Koa'ki Meiru Valafar", "Koa'ki Meiru Hydro Barrier", "Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate", "Storming Wynn", "Firebird", "Elephun", "Training Fur Hire, Fur All Your Training Needs", and "Limit Impulse".


"Infernity Archfiend"Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew1
"Goyo Guardian"Ultra RareSynchro MonsterReprint1
"Demise, King of Armageddon"Ultra RareRitual MonsterNew1
"Ruin, Queen of Oblivion"Ultra RareRitual MonsterNew1
"Simorgh, Bird of Bringing"Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew1
"Simorgh of Darkness"Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew1
"The Weather Painter Snow"Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew1
"X-Saber Airbellum"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monsterNew1
"Ribbon of Rebirth"Ultra RareEquip SpellNew1
"Naturia Barkion"Super RareSynchro MonsterReprint2
"Simorgh, Bird of Beginning"Super RareEffect MonsterNew2
"Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon"Super RareEffect MonsterNew2
"Watch Cat"Super RareEffect MonsterNew2
"Cursed Fig"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint2
"Infernity Launcher"Super RareContinuous SpellNew2
"Simorgh Onslaught"Super RareNormal SpellNew2
"The Weather Snowy Canvas"Super RareContinuous SpellNew2
"The Weather Thundery Canvas"Super RareContinuous TrapNew2
"Gottoms' Emergency Call"Super RareNormal TrapNew2
"Saber Hole"Super RareCounter TrapNew2
"Demise, Agent of Armageddon"RareRitual MonsterNew6
"Ruin, Angel of Oblivion"RareRitual MonsterNew6
"Infernity Randomizer"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Simorgh, Bird of Calamity"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Simorgh, Bird of Protection"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Odd-Eyes Dragon"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Performapal Skeeter Skimmer"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Performapal Sword Fish"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Performapal Thunderhino"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Performapal Friendonkey"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Performapal Flip Hippo"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"The Weather Painter Sun"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"The Weather Painter Thunder"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Filo, Messenger Fur Hire"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Hunter Owl"RareEffect MonsterNew6
"Cycle of the World"RareRitual SpellNew6
"The Weather Cloudy Canvas"RareContinuous SpellNew6
"Core Overclock"RareContinuous SpellNew6
"Performapal Revival"RareNormal TrapNew6
"Performapal Call"RareNormal TrapNew6
"Skullbird"CommonFusion MonsterNew8
"Performapal Spikeagle"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Performapal Stamp Turtle"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Performapal Elephammer"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Performapal Bowhopper"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Performapal Bot-Eyes Lizard"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Performapal Life Swordsman"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Performapal Sky Pupil"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"The Weather Painter Rain"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"The Weather Painter Cloud"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Helmer, Helmsman Fur Hire"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Bravo, Fighter Fur Hire"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"X-Saber Uruz"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Helios Trice Megistus"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Poison Mummy"CommonFlip monsterNew8
"Burning Algae"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Abaki"CommonEffect MonsterNew8
"Takuhee"CommonNormal MonsterNew8
"Temple of Skulls"CommonNormal MonsterNew8
"Sleeping Lion"CommonNormal MonsterNew8
"Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress 2"CommonNormal MonsterNew8
"End of the World"CommonRitual SpellNew8
"Breaking of the World"CommonField SpellNew8
"Illusion Balloons"CommonQuick-Play SpellNew8
"Performapal Recasting"CommonNormal SpellNew8
"The Weather Sunny Canvas"CommonContinuous SpellNew8
"Magical Star Illusion"CommonNormal SpellNew8
"Smile World"CommonNormal SpellNew8
"Last Minute Cancel"CommonNormal TrapNew8
"The Weather Auroral Canvas"CommonContinuous TrapNew8
"Call of the Grave"CommonNormal TrapNew8
"Call of Darkness"CommonContinuous TrapNew8
"Robbin' Zombie"CommonContinuous TrapNew8
"X-Saber Souza"RareSynchro MonsterReprint6
"Simorgh, Bird of Divinity"RareEffect MonsterReprint6
"XX-Saber Emmersblade"RareEffect MonsterReprint6
"Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire"RareEffect MonsterReprint6
"Recon, Scout Fur Hire"RareEffect MonsterReprint6
"Key Mouse"RareEffect Tuner monsterReprint6
"Mayhem Fur Hire"RareQuick-Play SpellReprint6
"X-Saber Axel"CommonEffect MonsterReprint8
"Koa'ki Meiru Valafar"CommonEffect MonsterReprint9
"Koa'ki Meiru Hydro Barrier"CommonEffect MonsterReprint9
"Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate"CommonEffect MonsterReprint9
"Storming Wynn"CommonEffect MonsterReprint9
"Firebird"CommonEffect MonsterReprint9
"Elephun"CommonEffect Tuner monsterReprint8
"Training Fur Hire, Fur All Your Training Needs"CommonContinuous TrapReprint8
"Limit Impulse"CommonNormal TrapReprint8

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