Rampage of the Forest

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Rampage of the Forest
Rampage of the Forest
  • Rampage of the Forest
RōmajiRanpēji Obu Za Foresuto
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster pack
Number of cards40
Cover card
Release date
  • March 13, 2018
Video games

Rampage of the Forest

Rampage of the Forest is an original pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on March 13, 2018.


Beware of that which crawls in the forest.
In the Queen's domain, all subjects are her prey.

Recommended Cards

Metamorphosed Insect Queen
Weevil Underwood's ace monster "Insect Queen" is back, stronger than ever!
Witness the power of the Queen! It can attack multiple times and cannot be targeted by card effects!

A Gemini monster that can Special Summon Insect and Plant-Type monsters from your hand or Graveyard.
Use it to Special Summon the many powerful Insect and Plant-Type monsters contained in this BOX!

Doom Dozer
By banishing 2 Insect-Type monsters in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon this powerful monster.
Put it in your Insect Deck to crush your opponent!!

Sylvan Komushroomo
The effects of "Sylvan" monsters activate when they are excavated and sent to the Graveyard.
When "Sylvan Komushroomo" is excavated and sent to the Graveyard, you can destroy a Spell/Trap Card!

A total of 40 types of Cards: 2 UR, 8 SR, 14 R, and 16 N.

Each box of Rampage of the Forest contains 80 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards, which will always consist of 2 Normal (aka Common) cards and 1 Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare card. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

  • Ultra Rare: 1 copy
  • Super Rare: 1 copy
  • Rare: 5 copies
  • Normal (aka Common): 10 copies


"Armored Bee"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Metamorphosed Insect Queen"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"The Rock Spirit"Super RareEffect Monster
"Dark Core"Super RareNormal Spell
"Doom Dozer"Super RareEffect Monster
"Gigaplant"Super RareGemini monster
"Memory Loss"Super RareNormal Trap
"Sylvan Komushroomo"Super RareEffect Monster
"Hey, Trunade!"Super RareNormal Spell
"Cocoon of Ultra Evolution"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Winged Rhynos"RareEffect Monster
"Insect Knight"RareNormal Monster
"Des Mosquito"RareEffect Monster
"Alpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest"RareEffect Monster
"Spikeshield with Chain"RareNormal Trap
"Sylvan Peaskeeper"RareEffect Monster
"Sylvan Marshalleaf"RareEffect Monster
"Sylvan Flowerknight"RareEffect Monster
"Sylvan Hermitree"RareEffect Monster
"Sylvan Bladefender"RareEffect Monster
"Resonance Insect"RareEffect Monster
"World Carrotweight Champion"RareEffect Monster
"Gravity Lash"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Arrivalrivals"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Cockroach Knight"CommonEffect Monster
"Demotion"CommonEquip Spell
"Spatial Collapse"CommonContinuous Trap
"Blessings of the Nile"CommonContinuous Spell
"Numbing Grub in the Ice Barrier"CommonEffect Monster
"Desert Protector"CommonEffect Monster
"Cross-Sword Beetle"CommonEffect Monster
"Rocket Pilder"CommonEquip Spell
"Full House"CommonNormal Trap
"Mirror Mail"CommonNormal Trap
"Sylvan Guardioak"CommonEffect Monster
"Sylvan Mikorange"CommonEffect Monster
"Sylvan Snapdrassinagon"CommonEffect Monster
"Sylvan Lotuswain"CommonEffect Monster
"Sylvan Waterslide"CommonContinuous Trap
"Duck Dummy"CommonGemini monster

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