Lords of Shining

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Lords of Shining
Lords of Shining
  • Lords of Shining
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster pack
Number of cards50
Cover card
Release date
  • April 30, 2019
Video games

Lords of Shining

Lords of Shining is an original pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on April 30, 2019.


Elemental HERO The Shining or Darklords...
LIGHT or DARK, which side will you choose?

Recommended Cards

Elemental HERO The Shining
This monster gains 300 ATK for each banished "Elemental HERO" monster!
In addition, when this monster is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can add 2 banished "Elemental HERO" cards to your hand!
Fusion Summon with the "Elemental HERO" monsters you added to your hand for a comeback victory!

The White Stone of Ancients
A Tuner Monster that Special Summons a "Blue-Eyes" monster from your Deck, as well as lets you add a "Blue-Eyes" monster in your Graveyard to your hand.
Both these effects require this monster to be in the Graveyard, so use it as a Synchro Material to send it to the Graveyard!

The Deep Grave
A Trap Card that lets you Special Summon a monster from either player's Graveyard during your next turn.
There's no limitation to the monster you can Summon, so Special Summon a powerful monster that was sent there earlier!

Darklord Ixchel
When this card is in your hand, you can discard it alongside another "Darklord" card to draw 2 cards.
When it's on the field, you can use the effect of a "Darklord" Spell/Trap Card in your Graveyard.
Both effects will help out your "Darklord" Deck immensely!

A total of 50 types of Cards: 3 UR, 10 SR, 17 R, and 20 N.

Each box of Lords of Shining contains 100 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards, which will always consist of 2 Normal (aka Common) cards and 1 Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare card. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

The following cards are reprints from previous packs: "Noble Arms - Caliburn", "XX-Saber Garsem", "Steelswarm Caller", and "Noble Knight Gwalchavad".


"Elemental HERO The Shining"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"The White Stone of Ancients"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
"The Deep Grave"Ultra RareNormal Trap
"Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Darklord Ixchel"Super RareEffect Monster
"Darklord Superbia"Super RareEffect Monster
"Darklord Desire"Super RareEffect Monster
"Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath"Super RareEffect Monster
"Steelswarm Moth"Super RareEffect Monster
"Evilswarm Mandragora"Super RareEffect Monster
"XX-Saber Faultroll"Super RareEffect Monster
"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter"Super RareFlip monster
"Wiretap"Super RareCounter Trap
"Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn"RareSynchro Monster
"Darklord Morningstar"RareEffect Monster
"Darklord Nasten"RareEffect Monster
"Steelswarm Girastag"RareEffect Monster
"XX-Saber Ragigura"RareEffect Monster
"XX-Saber Emmersblade"RareEffect Monster
"Noble Knight Brothers"RareEffect Monster
"Sky Scourge Invicil"RareEffect Monster
"Darklord Contact"RareNormal Spell
"The Sanctum of Parshath"RareContinuous Spell
"Cursed Armaments"RareEquip Spell
"The Sanctified Darklord"RareNormal Trap
"Rebirth of Parshath"RareCounter Trap
"Infestation Infection"RareContinuous Trap
"Infestation Terminus"RareNormal Trap
"Widespread Dud"RareContinuous Trap
"X-Saber Urbellum"CommonSynchro Monster
"Darklord Tezcatlipoca"CommonEffect Monster
"Darklord Amdusc"CommonEffect Monster
"Darklord Ukoback"CommonEffect Monster
"Darklord Edeh Arae"CommonEffect Monster
"Steelswarm Cell"CommonEffect Monster
"Steelswarm Scout"CommonEffect Monster
"Lady of the Lake"CommonEffect Tuner monster
"Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms"CommonEffect Monster
"Minerva, Scholar of the Sky"CommonEffect Monster
"Power Angel Valkyria"CommonEffect Monster
"Stuffed Animal"CommonNormal Monster
"Mystic Clown"CommonNormal Monster
"Gottoms' Second Call"CommonNormal Spell
"Noble Knights of the Round Table"CommonField Spell
"Darklord Descent"CommonNormal Trap
"Dark Illusion"CommonCounter Trap
"Noble Arms - Caliburn"RareEquip Spell
"XX-Saber Garsem"CommonEffect Monster
"Steelswarm Caller"CommonEffect Monster
"Noble Knight Gwalchavad"CommonEffect Monster

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