Valhalla Calling

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Valhalla Calling
Valhalla Calling
  • Valhalla Calling
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster pack
Number of cards90
Cover card
Release date
  • August 31, 2019
Video games

Valhalla Calling

Valhalla Calling is an original pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on August 31, 2019.


Rise to the call from the heavens!
The Nordic Gods and the Agents are here!

Recommended Cards

Odin, Father of the Aesir
The ace Synchro Monster of "Nordic" Decks!
This monster cannot be affected by Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the turn, making it easy to utilize its high ATK!
Even if it is destroyed by your opponent, you can Special Summon it at the end of the turn by banishing 1 "Nordic Ascendant" Tuner monster from your Graveyard. When doing so, you get to draw a card as well!

Scrap Dragon
A Synchro Monster that destroys 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls!
Destroy cards on your side of the field with effects that activate when destroyed to get maximum value!

Master Hyperion
This monster can be Special Summoned by banishing 1 "The Agent" monster from your hand, field, or Graveyard!
Once per turn, you can banish a LIGHT Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard to destroy 1 card on the field!
If "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is face-up on the field, you can use this effect twice per turn!

Fortune Lady Every
"Fortune Lady" monsters, used by Dark Signer Carly Carmine, now have their very own Synchro Monster!
Once per turn, you can increase its level to banish 1 face-up monster your opponent controls!
In addition, if this card is in the Graveyard at the end of your opponent's turn, you can banish 1 Spellcaster-Type monster from your Graveyard to Special Summon it!

A total of 90 types of Cards: 9 UR, 11 SR, 28 R, and 42 N.

Each box of Valhalla Calling contains 180 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards: 2 of them are individually guaranteed to be Normal (aka Common) or Rare, while the third card is guaranteed to be Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

  • Ultra Rare: 1 copy
  • Super Rare: 2 copies
  • Rare: 6 copies
  • Normal (aka Common): 8 copies

The following cards are reprints from previous packs: "The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury", "Wattcube", "U.A. Mighty Slugger", "U.A. Rival Rebounder", "Otohime", "Ray of Hope", "Guard Dog", "Armor Breaker", "Wattcine", and "U.A. Playmaker".


"Odin, Father of the Aesir"Ultra RareSynchro Monster
"Scrap Dragon"Ultra RareSynchro Monster
"Masked HERO Dian"Ultra RareFusion Monster
"Master Hyperion"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"The Agent of Mystery - Earth"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
"Fortune Lady Calling"Ultra RareNormal Spell
"Banishment of the Darklords"Ultra RareNormal Spell
"Forbidden Lance"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell
"Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen"Ultra RareContinuous Spell
"Fortune Lady Every"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Star Eater"Super RareSynchro Monster
"HTS Psyhemuth"Super RareSynchro Monster
"Fortune Lady Past"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Elemental HERO Solid Soldier"Super RareEffect Monster
"U.A. Perfect Ace"Super RareEffect Monster
"Reptilianne Lamia"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
"Super-Nimble Mega Hamster"Super RareFlip monster
"Hyper Hammerhead"Super RareEffect Monster
"Shining Angel"Super RareEffect Monster
"Kinka-byo"Super RareSpirit monster
"Thor, Lord of the Aesir"RareSynchro Monster
"Loki, Lord of the Aesir"RareSynchro Monster
"Flower Cardian Boardefly"RareSynchro Monster
"Watthydra"RareSynchro Monster
"Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts"RareEffect Monster
"Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Tanngnjostr of the Nordic Beasts"RareEffect Monster
"The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter"RareEffect Monster
"The Agent of Entropy - Uranus"RareEffect Tuner monster
"Flower Cardian Pine"RareEffect Monster
"Flower Cardian Clover with Boar"RareEffect Monster
"Flower Cardian Maple with Deer"RareEffect Monster
"Wattdragonfly"RareEffect Monster
"Wattmole"RareEffect Monster
"U.A. Blockbacker"RareEffect Monster
"Warrior Lady of the Wasteland"RareEffect Monster
"Hecatrice"RareEffect Monster
"Little Trooper"RareEffect Monster
"Recardination"RareNormal Spell
"U.A. Turnover Tactics"RareQuick-Play Spell
"Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir"RareNormal Trap
"Wattkeeper"RareNormal Trap
"Flower Wolf"NormalFusion Monster
"Garmr of the Nordic Beasts"NormalEffect Monster
"Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar"NormalEffect Monster
"Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar"NormalEffect Tuner monster
"Dverg of the Nordic Alfar"NormalEffect Monster
"Mimir of the Nordic Ascendant"NormalEffect Monster
"Tyr of the Nordic Champions"NormalEffect Monster
"Mara of the Nordic Alfar"NormalEffect Tuner monster
"Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent"NormalEffect Monster
"The Agent of Force - Mars"NormalEffect Monster
"Flower Cardian Zebra Grass"NormalEffect Monster
"Flower Cardian Pine with Crane"NormalEffect Monster
"Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with Moon"NormalEffect Monster
"Flower Cardian Peony with Butterfly"NormalEffect Tuner monster
"Wattkiwi"NormalEffect Tuner monster
"Wattsquirrel"NormalEffect Monster
"U.A. Goalkeeper"NormalEffect Monster
"Reptilianne Servant"NormalEffect Monster
"Sword Master"NormalEffect Tuner monster
"Skull Stalker"NormalNormal Monster
"Winged Egg of New Life"NormalNormal Monster
"Charcoal Inpachi"NormalNormal Monster
"Nordic Relic Draupnir"NormalEquip Spell
"Gotterdammerung"NormalNormal Spell
"March Towards Ragnarok"NormalQuick-Play Spell
"Flower Stacking"NormalNormal Spell
"Wattcastle"NormalField Spell
"Wattjustment"NormalEquip Spell
"Divine Relic Mjollnir"NormalNormal Trap
"Solemn Authority"NormalContinuous Trap
"Nordic Relic Brisingamen"NormalNormal Trap
"Nordic Relic Laevateinn"NormalNormal Trap
"Nordic Relic Gungnir"NormalNormal Trap
"Odin's Eye"NormalContinuous Trap
"Nordic Relic Megingjord"NormalNormal Trap
"Fraud Freeze"NormalContinuous Trap
"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury"RareEffect Monster
"U.A. Mighty Slugger"RareEffect Monster
"U.A. Rival Rebounder"RareEffect Monster
"Wattcube"RareEquip Spell
"U.A. Playmaker"NormalEffect Monster
"Otohime"NormalSpirit monster
"Guard Dog"NormalFlip monster
"Armor Breaker"NormalUnion monster
"Wattcine"NormalContinuous Spell
"Ray of Hope"NormalNormal Trap

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