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  • "Masked Dragon" works well at helping to get enough Dragons into the Graveyard for "Dragon's Mirror".
  • Use "Masked Dragon" to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV3" to the field before your opponent ends their turn. When your opponent ends their turn, during your next Standby Phase, the effect of "Armed Dragon LV3" can then be used to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV5" to the field.
  • "Masked Dragon" is one of the few searchers that will allow its new recruit to be Special Summoned in Defense Position. Use this to your advantage.
    • Even better, use "Time Machine" so this card can be Special Summoned as soon it reaches the Graveyard while Special Summoning another Dragon from your Deck, giving double defense on your field. Try to Special Summon "Debris Dragon" by this effect to Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon" on your next turn if there is a tight situation.
  • By using "Foolish Burial", the graveyard can be loaded down with Level 7 monsters. When "Masked Dragon" is destroyed, a "Decoy Dragon" can then be retrieved to bring back the Dragons recently sent to the Graveyard, or at least, stall your opponent.
  • A great way to defend from the onslaught of your opponent's attacks is to Set "Masked Dragon". When it's destroyed in battle, search out a second "Masked Dragon". Then, when that one is destroyed, do it again, and once your third "Masked Dragon" is destroyed, Special Summon "Troop Dragon" and start the protection by using those as well.
  • When there is another monster out, make this "Masked Dragon" attack a stronger monster to Summon a "Magna Drago" and Synchro Summon for a Synchro Monster.
  • The advantage this card has over "Dread Dragon" is that it can search out dragons higher than Level 3, such as "Golem Dragon" and "Darkblaze Dragon".
  • Use this card to Special Summon any Dragon Tuner, and make sure there is a "Keeper of the Shrine" in your hand and/or Graveyard. Since "Keeper" can be Special Summoned when "Masked Dragon" is destroyed by battle, there will be two Dragons that can be used for Synchro Summoning of a Level 6 or 7 monster. Or another monster can be Normal Summoned to Synchro Summon high-Leveled monster like "Star Eater" or "Trident Dragion".

Traditional Format[edit]


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeLevel/
Absorouter Dragonアブソルーター・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDARK712002800
Amorphage Envyアモルファージ・キャヴムPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Amorphage Gluttonyアモルファージ・ガストルPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Amorphage Greedアモルファージ・プレストPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Amorphage Lecheryアモルファージ・ルクスPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Ancient Dragonエンシェント・ドラゴンEffect MonsterLIGHT414001300
Anesthrokket Dragonアネスヴァレット・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDARK102200
Armed Dragon LV3アームド・ドラゴン LVレベルEffect MonsterWIND31200900
Armed Dragon Thunder LV3アームド・ドラゴン・サンダー LVレベルEffect MonsterWIND31200900
Baby DragonベビードラゴンNormal MonsterWIND31200700
... further results (121 more)