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Code Talker (archetype)

"Code Talker" (コード・トーカー Kōdo Tōkā) is an archetype of Cyberse Link Monsters used by Yusaku Fujiki in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. With the exception of "Code Talker" and "Inverted Code Talker", all members of this archetype are Link-3 monsters with 2300 ATK.

Code Talker
The main six "Code Talker" monsters
The main six "Code Talker" monsters
  • コード・トーカー
  • Kōdo Tōkā (romanized)

  • Codeur Bavard

  • Kodier-Sprecher

  • Codificatore Trasmittente
  • Transmitter coder (translated)

  • 코드 토커
  • Kodeu Tokeo (romanized)

  • Codificar Transmissor

  • Codificador Hablador


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The archetype's name is taken from code talkers. These individuals, who were typically Native Americans, were used by the United States during wars in the 20th Century as a means of encrypting and decrypting communications by using obscure languages that were not widespread and were difficult to translate.

Playing styleEdit

Each member of this archetype appears to have Link Arrows that aids their abilities, regardless of being in the Extra or Main Monster Zone, and that is compatible for co-linked related effects. Through Link Arrows, they share "power-up" effects that apply to either themselves or ally monsters. With the help of "Recoded Alive", you can switch your "Code Talker" monster depending on the situation.

Recommended cardsEdit


Since they are Link Monsters and their minimum effective abilities require correct placement of the cards on the field, they could be wasteful if Summoned at incorrect timing, so be thoughtful. For example: If your "Decode Talker" does not have at least an opponent's monster to point to; you control only a 2300 ATK non-effective monster, nothing from which to power-up nor to tribute for protection; while "Encode" is completely focused on ally monsters


  • The attack names of all "Code Talkers" in the Japanese version contain a conclusive word in addition to the "code" portion of their names, with the exception of "Powercode Talker" and "Shootingcode Talker" who simply have the portion before the "code" part of their names.
    • "Decode Talker" - Decode End
    • "Encode Talker" - Final Encode
    • "Excode Talker" - Excode Close
    • "Powercode Talker" - Power Termination Smash
    • "Shootingcode Talker" - Shooting Complete
    • "Transcode Talker" - Transcode Finish