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"Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas"
  • Coléoptroupe
  • Käferkavallerie
  • Scarasoldato
  • Scarasoldier (translated)
  • Bezoudado
  • Escaraballería

What's scarier: a swarm of small angry insects or one very big, very angry insect? Whichever you choose, you'll be glad it's on your side when you play with the brand-new World Premiere theme introduced in Dawn of Majesty! Gather a swarm of Insects that can link together to create a 3000 ATK Insect that can Tribute other Insects to deploy a stronger one or to prepare an attack with its power to climb all the way to 5000 ATK!

— Dawn of Majesty promotional material

"Beetrooper" is an Insect TCG World Premiere archetype introduced in Dawn of Majesty.



"Beetrooper" is a portmanteau of "beetle" and "trooper".


Concept art.

"Beetrooper" monsters are comprised of humanoid insects mounted on top of large insects. Both riders and mounts are equipped with armor and weaponry reminiscent of medieval knights.

The insect mounts range from a variety of different species of insects, especially beetles. On the other hand, the riders appear to be members of the same insectoid race. However, each rider is distinctly themed after their respective mounts.

Beetrooper Insect
Armor Horn Rhinoceros beetle
Assault Roller Dung beetle
Pill bug
Light Flapper Dragonfly
Scale Bomber Butterfly
Scout Buggy Ladybug
Sting Lancer Bee

The "Beetrooper" boss monsters are gigantic beetles fortified with distinct castle-like towers manned by troops of archers, not unlike war elephants in antiquity. Each of them bears a different coat of arms, likely to represent different warring factions.

Each boss monster has a different archetypal descriptor, and they each represent a different type of Special Summoning.

Beetrooper Monster Card type Insect
Giant Invincible Atlas Link Monster Atlas beetle
Heavy Mighty Neptune Special Summon Monster Neptune beetle
Ultra Absolute Hercules Fusion Monster Hercules beetle

Playing style[edit]

"Beetrooper" is an archetype focused on swarming the board with various Insect monsters and building towards formidable boss monsters. Most "Beetrooper" monsters have effects focused on Special Summoning themselves or other "Beetrooper" monsters. Examples of this include "Beetrooper Scout Buggy", which Summons another copy of itself when Normal or Special Summoned, and "Beetrooper Sting Lancer", which can Special Summon itself during either Main Phase from the hand by returning a monster from both Graveyards to the bottom of the Deck and adding 1 "Beetrooper" Spell/Trap Card from the Deck to the hand if Special Summoned. This playstyle is also facilitated by a minor focus on Summoning Token Monsters through the effects of various Spells and Trap Cards both in and outside the archetype; such as "Beetrooper Descent", "Beetrooper Formation", and the Spell "Multiplication of Ants"

Their primary boss monster is the Link-4 Link Monster, "Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas", which has protection from targeting and effect destruction while it has 3000 or less ATK, and the effect to Tribute an Insect monster the player controls to either Special Summon another "Beetrooper" monster from the Deck or gain 2000 ATK, dropping its protections for the turn in favor of damage. Other boss monsters for the theme include the new Level 8 Main Deck monster, "Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune", which Special Summons itself from hand by returning 3 banished Insect monsters to the Deck, returns to the field if destroyed or banished by an opponent's card effect in the Main Phase, and grants a permanent 1000 ATK gains to an Insect monster during the End Phase, as well as the Level 11 Fusion Monster, "Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules", which requires 4 Insect monsters as Fusion Materials, is unaffected by all other card effects until the end of the player's next turn, and Special Summons an Insect monster with 3000 or less ATK from the Graveyard at the end of the Battle Phase.

Recommended cards[edit]