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Various "Battlewasp" monsters
Various "Battlewasp" monsters
  • B・Fビー・フォース
  • B・F (base)
  • ビー・フォース (ruby)
  • Bī Fōsu (romanized)

  • Guêpe de Bataille

  • Kampfwespe

  • Vespabattaglia

  • B・F비 포스
  • B・F (base)
  • 비 포스 (ruby)
  • Bi Poseu (romanized)

  • Vespabatalha

  • Avispabatalla

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Anime appearances

"Battlewasp", known as "Bee Force" (B・Fビー・フォース Bī Fōsu) in Japan, is an archetype of WIND Insect monsters used by Shinji Weber in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.


The Japanese name of "Bee Force", 「B・F」 is analogous to the Japanese name of "Blackwing", "Black Feather", also abbreviated 「BF」, which emphasizes the friendship between Shinji and Crow Hogan. The English name reflects this with the initials of both archetypes' localized names being "BW".

Individually, the "Battlewasp" monsters are named after piercing weapons, such as arbalests and ballistae.

Battlewasp Origin
Arbalest the Rapid Fire Arbalest
Dart the Hunter Dart
Pin the Bullseye Pin
Sting the Poison Needle/Stinger
Twinbow the Attacker Crossbow
Azusa the Ghost Bow Azusa Yumi
Ballista the Armageddon Ballista
Halberd the Charge Halberd/Voulge
Hama the Conquering Bow Hama Yumi

Playing style[edit]

The "Battlewasp" archetype seems to focus on very straightforward swarming tactics to perform quick Synchro Summons and overwhelm the opponent with ATK/DEF decreasing and burn effects. Furthermore, they seem to revolve around "numbers" - the more "Battlewasp" monsters you gather, the stronger their effects become, reflecting Shinji's mentality of union.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards