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From left to right: "Blackwing Bora the Spear", "Gale the Whirlwind", "Shura the Blue Flame", "Mistral the Silver Shield" and "Armor Master".
  • BFブラックフェザー
  • BF (base)
  • ブラックフェザー (ruby)
  • Burakku Fezā (romanized)
  • Black Feather (translated)
Traditional Chinese
  • BF
Simplified Chinese
  • 黑羽
  • Aile Noire
  • Schwarzflügel
  • Alanera
  • BF블랙 페더
  • BF (base)
  • 블랙 페더 (ruby)
  • Beullaek Pedeo (romanized)
  • Black Feather (translated)
  • Asanegra
  • Alanegra
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

"Blackwing", known as "Black Feather" (BFブラックフェザー Burakku Fezā) in the Japanese version, is an archetype of monsters, debuting in Crimson Crisis, used by both Crow Hogan and Robert Pearson, with the former inheriting the Deck from the latter, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. They were also used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime by Crow's alternate universe counterpart. All members of this archetype are DARK Winged Beast monsters, except for the LIGHT "Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights" and the Warrior "Blackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe".



Most "Blackwing" monsters generally have a very bird-like appearance, with most Level 3 and lower members appearing as small birds while the Level 4 and higher monsters appearing to be either humanoids in bird-like outfits or humanoid birds. They also have a prominent black color-scheme in their design, usually on their wing feathering.




In the anime, the "Blackwing" monsters are named after geographical elements usually related to the natural phenomena, winds and birds.

Monster Origin
Abrolhos the Megaquake Abrolhos squall
Aurora the Northern Lights Aurora
Blizzard the Far North Blizzard
Bora the Spear Bora
Boreas the Sharp Boreas, god of the north wind
Breeze the Zephyr Zephyr, the gentle breeze
Brisote the Tailwind Brisote & Tailwind
Calima the Haze Haze
Elphin the Raven Raven
Etesian of Two Swords Etesian
Fane the Steel Chain Foehn wind
Gale the Whirlwind Gale & Whirlwind
Ghibli the Searing Wind Ghibli (sirocco in Libyan Arabic)
Gust the Backblast Wind gust
Harmattan the Dust Harmattan & Dust storm
Hillen the Tengu-wind Tengu
Hurricane the Tornado Hurricane
Jetstream the Blue Sky Jet stream
Jin the Rain Shadow Jinn
Kalut the Moon Shadow Moonlight
Kochi the Daybreak Eastern wind
Kogarashi the Wanderer Cold winter wind
Mistral the Silver Shield Mistral
Oroshi the Squall Oroshi & Squall
Shura the Blue Flame Blue flame
Sirocco the Dawn Sirocco
Steam the Cloak Steam
Tornado the Reverse Wind Tornado
Vayu the Emblem of Honor Vayu
Zephyros the Elite Zephyrus, god of the west wind
Monster Origin
Chidori the Rain Sprinkling Chidori & Rain
Kunai the Drizzle Kunai & Drizzle
Kunifusa the White Rainbow Fog bow
Kunisada the White Rainbow
Kuniyoshi the White Rainbow
Kusanagi the Gathering Storm Kusanagi & Cumulus cloud
Onimaru the Divine Thunder Onimaru Kunitsuna & Thunderbolt
Raikiri the Rain Shower Raikiri & Precipitation
Sayo the Rain Hider Sayo Samonji
Sohaya the Rain Storm Sohaya no Tsurugi & Storm


In the manga, the Blackwing monsters are named after weapons of mythological origins and natural sky-related phenomena.

Blackwing Origin
Weapon Astronomy
Damascus the Polar Night Damascus steel Polar night
Gladius the Midnight Sun Gladius Midnight sun
Jul the New Moon Katar New moon
Kris the Crack of Dawn Kris Dawn
Pinaki the Waxing Moon Pinaka Waxing moon
Sharnga the Waning Moon Sharnga Waning moon
Gram the Shining Star Gram Star
Nothung the Starlight Nothung Starlight

Card game original[edit]

Monster Origin
Auster the South Wind Auster, god of the south wind
Boreas the Evil Wind Boreas
Chinook the Snowstrike Chinook wind
Shamal the Sandstorm Shamal
Simoon the Poison Wind Simoom
Suthri the Illusory Spark Suðri
Vata the Knave Sanskrit word for "Wind"
Zonda the Timely Night Zonda wind

Playing style[edit]

The "Blackwing" archetype is focused on swarming monsters for Synchro Summoning, with a number of secondary focuses including hand trap-like effects, counter usage, ATK modulation, interactions with "Black-Winged Dragon", inflicting burn damage in multiples of 700, and non-standard methods of Special Summoning Synchro Monsters (e.g. the "GY Synchro" effect of "Vayu", which historically formed a deck known as "Vayu Turbo" or "Vayusworn" when paired up with self-milling cards like "Card Trooper" or "Lightsworn" monsters to turbo out its effect). Historical "Blackwing" Decks were played as control Decks focusing on using the archetype's excellent Normal Summons, backed up with the potential for swarming and combo plays. Later "Blackwing" Decks evolved into swarming-based combo Decks revolving around the searching power of "Black Whirlwind".

"Blackwing" has a strong emphasis on swarming monsters from the hand. Most monsters have the ability to Special Summon themselves from the hand; others carry special effects that utilize the Graveyard and hand to advance the gamestate.

Since all of the "Blackwing" monsters rely on the hand for swarming, "Black Whirlwind" allows them to replenish their resources while giving them the ability to toolbox into certain combo pieces. And when enough "Blackwing" cards have swarmed the field, support cards like "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" and "Black Sonic" are granted additional effects that allow them to be activated from the hand.

As a primarily DARK and Winged Beast Deck, the Deck benefits from their related Typing and Attribute support. Because most "Blackwing" cards do not impose any significant summoning restrictions, the Deck can use its swarming potential to pivot into a variety of non-"Blackwing" combos. In particular, "Raidraptor - Wise Strix" opens up a wide variety of combos involving Xyz Monsters, "Rank-Up-Magic", and even "The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche", all the while operating under the DARK Extra Deck lock of combo starter "Simoon the Poison Wind".

Recommended cards

Official Deck[edit]


  • Aside from "Blackwing Full Armor Master", the archetype has a general lack of in-archetype boss monsters or easily searchable disruptions with field holding powers, and so often has to rely on the Xyz boss monsters and searchable disruptions provided by "Wise Strix" and "Rusty Bardiche" combos.
  • The search effect from "Black Whirlwind" is affected by effects that reduce ATK, such as "Burden of the Mighty" or "Solidarity", and the Deck's combos can be potentially disrupted by such effects.
  • Most "Blackwing" swarming effects require at least 1 "Blackwing" on the field as a precondition, so destroying the first summon of a "Blackwing" monster can potentially stop the Deck's combos.
  • "Blackwing" cards provide limited recovery options, making it difficult for the Deck to comeback should it be hit with an equalizer like "Torrential Tribute".
  • Due to the importance of searching for the Deck's combos, anti-search cards like "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring", "Thunder King Rai-Oh", and "Droll & Lock Bird" can cripple the Deck's combos.
  • As a swarming-based Deck, the Deck is weak to "Nibiru, the Primal Being".
  • As a DARK Deck, the Deck is countered by anti-DARK cards like "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror".
  • Since the Deck has some need for the GY to make plays, anti-GY cards like "Dimensional Fissure" can significantly disrupt the Deck's combos.