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TCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

Judge Program Forum Rulings

OCG Rulings

  • This card does not target.[5]

On Negating Activations

On Negating Summons (In General)

  • If the Summon of a monster is negated and destroyed, that monster is not treated as being sent to the Graveyard from the field, hand, Deck, Extra Deck or banished.[5]
  • If your Normal Summon was negated by "Solemn Judgment" or "Forced Back", then it is still considered that you Normal Summoned during this turn, so you cannot activate the effect of "Red-Eyes Wyvern" during the End Phase.[8]

Negating the Summon of Specific Cards

Mentions in Other Rulings

Previously Official Rulings

  • You cannot negate the Special Summon of a monster after it is Special Summoned with a Spell or Trap Card, but you can use "Solemn Judgment" to negate the activation of the Spell or Trap Card.
  • If halving your Life Points results in a fraction, your Life Points are rounded up.
  • "Solemn Judgment" does not target the card it will destroy.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Soul Exchange: If the activation of your "Soul Exchange" is negated (by "Solemn Judgment", etc.), you may conduct your Battle Phase. If only the effect of "Soul Exchange" is negated (by "Imperial Order", etc.), you may not conduct your Battle Phase.

Judge List Rulings


  1. Konami Judge Program Rulings are considered unverified, as their source(s) are not publicly viewable. They are not confirmed as applicable to the TCG until they have been officially published by Konami.


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