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"Flundereeze and the Unknown Wind"
  • ふわんだりぃず
  • Fuwandarīzu (romanized)
OCG Sets

"Flundereeze" (ふわんだりぃず Fuwandarīzu) is an archetype of WIND/WATER Winged Beast monsters introduced in Burst of Destiny.


"Flundereeze" is a combination of "fluffy", "wander", and "breeze".


"Flundereeze" concept art

Each of the monsters of this archetype show the titular three "Flundereeze" birds, which are based on the Arctic tern, traveling to various locations (as seen in the artwork of "Mysterious Map" and other Spells/Traps) to meet a different type of bird. The travel of the "Flundereeze" birds and the locations they visit (Europe, the Americas, and Africa) is based on the Arctic tern's long North-South migration route from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

The Level 10 "Flundereeze" monsters are both based on birds from polar regions, while the other "Flundereeze" monsters are based on birds in non-polar regions.

"Flundereeze" monster Bird origin
Eaglen Bald eagle
Empen Emperor penguin
Robina Robin
Snowl Snowy owl
Strich Ostrich
Toccan Toucan

Playing style[edit]

The archetype is centered around Normal Summoning many times per turn and gaining advantage out of those Normal Summons. Each of the Level 1 "Flundereeze" monster has an effect that triggers if it is Normal Summoned, and at resolution, they allow the player to Normal Summon another Winged Beast monster. This allows the player to sequentially Normal Summon several Level 1 "Flundereeze" monsters in a row to continuously gain advantage and expand their board, and finally Tribute Summon their "Flundereeze" boss monsters to floodgate the opponent.

The archetype has a secondary focus on banishing effects. The Level 1 monsters are banished if they leave the field, but while banished, they can return themselves to the hand if a Winged Beast monster is Normal Summoned, which can be used when a Level 10 "Flundereeze" is Tribute Summoned, replenishing the player's hand for another sequence of Normal Summons on the following turn.

The main goal of the archetype is to establish a floodgate by Tribute Summoning the archetype's Level 10 boss monsters, "Flundereeze x Empen" and "Flundereeze x Snowl", who specialize in countering Special Summoning. "Empen" can prevent the opponent from activating the effects of Attack Position Special Summoned monsters, while "Snowl" can flip all of the opponent's Special Summoned monsters face-down as a Quick Effect.

The Spell/Trap support is very versatile and reaffirms the Normal Summon-centered strategy, providing consistency to the Deck, by searching cards and starting a combo, giving draw power and using opposing cards as Tributes, and enabling the player to Normal Summon during the opponent's turn, which can disrupt their strategy with the proper setup. The theme's Counter Trap, "Flundereeze and the Scary Sea", negates a Special Summon and, in exchange, allows the opponent to Normal Summon 3 times during that turn, but locks them from Special Summoning for the rest of that turn, which can be deadly for most of the Decks.

The player cannot Special Summon during turn they use either effect of the Level 1 monsters, so a "Flundereeze" Deck has no reliance on the Extra Deck at all, which allows the player to use generic cards like "Pot of Duality", "Pot of Prosperity", "The Monarchs Stormforth", "Tribute Burial" etc whose downsides generally are not an issue to the player whatsoever. It also puts even more pressure on the opponent by being able to easily search and Normal Summon "Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds" during their turn; "Robina" can also easily search "D.D. Crow". Another layer of disruption can be added by using "Raiza the Mega Monarch", "Simorgh, Lord of the Storm", "Dark Simorgh" and "Simorgh of Darkness", that can also be easily searched and Tribute Summoned during the opponent's turn, which gives the Deck the potential to negate Spell/Trap effects and remove cards from the opponent's field, an ability the "Flundereeze" cards themselves lack.

Recommended cards[edit]