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"Anesthrokket Dragon" being destroyed in "Squib Draw"
  • ヴァレット
  • Varetto (romanized)
  • Vullet / Varrett (translated)
  • Rokkette
  • Rakkete
  • Mizzile
  • 바렛
  • Foguette
  • Cohette
Anime appearances

"Rokket", known in the OCG as either "Vullet" or "Varrett"[1] (ヴァレット Varetto), is an archetype of DARK Dragon monsters used by Roken Kogami/Varis in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


All "Rokket" monsters are legless, mechanical Dragon monsters, with heads shaped like various types of ammunition, and green hard-light wings (except "Silverrokket Dragon" and "Rokket Caliber", whose wings are magenta).


"Rokket" is a play on the word "rocket". The Japanese name, "Vullet", is a corruption of "bullet", playing on the tendency of Japanese to replace "V" sounds with "B" ones. It may also reference the archetype's user in the anime, Varis, who shares a similar gun and ammunition theme in his Japanese name of "Revolver" and the designs of his masks. The "Borrel" archetype uses the same play with the word "barrel". The Italian name, "Mizzile", is a cross between "Missile" and "Razzo" (rocket).

Some of other monsters used by Varis also have names and artworks based on guns and military terms, like "Chobham Armor Dragon" and "Vorticular Drumgon", similar to members of this archetype.


Rokket Origin
Anesthrokket Anesthetic tranquillizer darts
Autorokket Automatic firearms
Exploderokket Exploding ammunition
Magnarokket Magnum cartridges/hollow-point bullets
Metalrokket Sniper bullets
Rokket Caliber Bullet calibers
Rokket Recharger Full moon clip
Rokket Synchron N/A
Rokket Tracer Tracer ammunition
Shelrokket Shotgun shells
Silverrokket Dragon Silver bullets

Playing style[edit]

All "Rokket Dragon" monsters share the following two only once per turn effects:

The most basic gameplan of the Deck is to use the Link-4 "Borrel" monsters (and other Link Monsters as well) to target "Rokket" monsters the player controls, which in turn would activate their effects. The effects of the "Borrel" monsters cannot be chained to, allowing the player to reliably trigger the effects of their "Rokket" monsters without mid-Chain interruptions from the opponent.

Supports from Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt solidifies the Deck's swarming capabilities and their gameplan, which is necessary to Summon their "Borrel" monsters. In particular, "Rokket Tracer" is now the focal point of the Deck, with its effect to Summon more "Rokket" monsters simply by destroying a face-up card the player controls. "Absorouter Dragon" can also Special Summon itself if there's a "Rokket" monster on the player's field, while also searching another "Rokket" when it's sent to the GY by any means. "Quadborrel Dragon" can also destroys a Link Monster on the field (including itself) to revive more "Rokket" monsters from the GY; it is especially powerful when used alongside "Dillingerous Dragon" (which can revive itself when a "Rokket" is Special Summoned to the player's field). "Striker Dragon" searches the all-important "Boot Sector Launch", while it can also recover "Rokket" monster from the GY to be Summoned via "Boot Sector Launch".

Rokket Dragon Link[edit]

Though the archetype is designed with the "fire and reload" mechanic (self-destruction effect) in mind, the archetype's ability to swarm DARK Dragon monsters means that the Deck is more optimally, and more popularly, played as a Dragon Link Deck, and is in general one of the most popular and efficient engines within Dragon Link Deck builds. In Dragon Link Decks, the "fire and reload" mechanic is entirely ignored in favor of swarming as many Dragon monsters as possible to perform consistent combos and fill the board with generic boss monsters and disruptions, using generic Dragon support such as the Guardragon Link Monsters to swarm the field even further.

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