Yu-Gi-Oh! - Volume 003

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"Capsule Monster Chess"
EnglishCapsule Monster Chess
Japanese name
RōmajiKapuseru Monsutā Chesu!
TranslatedCapsule Monster Chess!
3-in-1 volumeVolume 1
Contains chapters1624
Release dates
JapaneseJuly 4, 1997[1]
EnglishDecember 17, 2003[2]
Yu-Gi-Oh! volumes
Previous"The Cards with Teeth"
Next"Kaiba's Revenge"

"Capsule Monster Chess" is the third volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


Shadi tests Yugi, as there can only be one King of Games. Yugi encounters his greatest challenge so far. Facing Shadi's illusions, has Yugi's friends lives on the ropes.

Hanasaki takes his interest in super heroes too far.

Yugi meets Mokuba Kaiba in a high stakes Capsule Monster Chess game.

Duel Monsters Dice Game[edit]

Inside the book was a dice game. The game could be player by one or more players. Each player starts with 2000 Life Points. They advance to different squares, depending on the numbers they roll. Each square contains a monster, that would either raise or lower their Life Points by a specified amount. The player loses if they run out of Life Points or land on one of Kaiba's special traps.

To win the game, the player must get to the Kaiba Stage, which featured a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with 3000 Life Points. If their Life Points was higher, the player could proceed to the goal, where they are assigned a ranking based on the amount of Life Points they have. Players compare scores to see who got the highest.


Image Number English title Japanese title
#16 "Shadi's Challenge" シャーディーの挑発
Shādī no Chōhatsu
Shadi redecorates Anzu's soul room to draw out Dark Yugi, while he leaves the zombified Professor Yoshimori attack Yugi's friends.
n/a "Game Start!" ゲーム開始スタート!!
Gēmu Sutāto!!
"Game Start!!"
With Shadi holding Anzu in danger, Dark Yugi is forced to face Shadi in the first stage of his Shadow Game.
n/a "Second Stage" だい2の試練ゲーム
Dai Ni no Gēmu
"Second Game"
Shadi subjects Dark Yugi to the second stage of their Shadow Game. Yugi must solve a puzzle, while grasped by an illusion of Ammit.
n/a "Final Stage" 最終試練ファイナルゲーム
Fainaru Gēmu
"Final Game"
For the final stage of their Shadow Game, Shadi has Yugi face an illusion of Jonouchi in a game.
#20 "Game Over" 決着
Dark Yugi finishes his Shadow Game with Shadi.
n/a "Digital Pet Duel" デジタルペット対決
Dejitarupetto Taiketsu
Digital Pets have become popular at Domino High School. Kujirada, who believes himself to have the ultimate pet, ends up in conflict, with Yugi, his friends and their pets.
n/a "American Hero (Part 1)" アメリカン・ヒーロー<前編>
Amerikan Hīrō <Zenpen>
Tomoya Hanasaki invites Yugi and his friends over to see his Zombire collection. After they leave Hanasaki takes his Zombire obsession too far.
#23 "American Hero (Part 2)" アメリカン・ヒーロー<後編>
Amerikan Hīrō <Kōhen>
Hanasaki, dressed as Zombire faces the delinquents again, but this time his father cannot afford to pay to let him win.
#24 "Capsule Monster Chess" カプセル・モンスター・チェス!
Kapuseru Monsutā Chesu!
"Capsule Monster Chess!"
Seto Kaiba's younger brother, Mokuba faces Dark Yugi in a game of Capsule Monster Chess to get revenge for the Penalty Game, Dark Yugi inflicted on Seto.


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