Yami Yugi, Joey Wheeler and the Paradox Brothers' Duel

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Yami Yugi, Joey Wheeler and the Paradox Brothers' Duel
Yami Yugi, Joey Wheeler and the Paradox Brothers' Duel
Game details
GameTag-Team Duel
EventDuelist Kingdom

Yugi, Joey, and the Paradox Brothers' Duel is a Duel which took place during the Duelist Kingdom tournament in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, between Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, and the Paradox Brothers Para and Dox.


After having escaped Bandit Keith and his goons, Yugi and co. follow Bakura Ryou out of the cave, trusting his Millennium Ring to lead them towards Maximillion Pegasus' Millennium Eye. The walls begin to appear man-made, and they soon discover a strange room and meet the Paradox Brothers, who introduce themselves as Eliminators. They challenge Yugi and Joey to a Tag-Team Duel, with Joey wagering two of his eight Star Chips and Yugi wagering four of his six. With this wager, should they win, Yugi and Joey will both have have ten star chips, and thus be able to enter the finals.

Featured Duel: Yugi & Joey vs. The Paradox Brothers[edit]

Turn 1: Dox
Dox activates "Labyrinth Wall" (0/3000) as a Field Spell, turning this Duel into a Labyrinth Duel. The field transforms into a labyrinth, and each turn, monsters can only move along the spaces of the labyrinth a number of tiles equal to their Level.

Turn 2: Yugi
Yugi Normal Summons "Beaver Warrior" (1200/1500) in Attack Position and has it advance 4 spaces into the labyrinth.

Turn 3: Para
Para Summons "Shadow Ghoul" (1600/1300), then activates "Polymerization", fusing it with the "Labyrinth Wall", creating a "Wall Shadow" (1600/3000) that can move anywhere within the labyrinth. Para attacks and destroys "Beaver Warrior" (Yugi: 2000 → 1600 LP).

Turn 4: Joey
Joey Summons "Axe Raider" (1700/1150) and Sets a card.

Turn 5: Dox
Dox Sets "Jirai Gumo" onto a space inside the labyrinth as a Trap space. If a monster enters that space, "Jirai Gumo" will immediately attack. He then Summons "Labyrinth Tank" (2400/2400) and has it advance 7 spaces into the labyrinth.

Turn 6: Yugi
Yugi Summons "Celtic Guardian" (1400/1200) and has it advance 4 spaces into the labyrinth.

Turn 7: Para
Para attacks "Celtic Guardian" with "Wall Shadow", but Joey activates his Set "Kunai with Chain", increasing the ATK of "Celtic Guardian" by 500 ("Celtic Guardian": 1400 → 1900 ATK), allowing "Celtic Guardian" to destroy "Wall Shadow" instead (Para: 2000 → 1700 LP).

Turn 8: Joey
Joey Summons "Flame Swordsman" (1800/1600). He advances "Axe Raider" and "Flame Swordsman" 4 and 5 spaces, respectively, into the labyrinth. He then moves "Kunai with Chain" onto "Axe Raider" ("Axe Raider": 1700 → 2200 ATK).

Turn 9: Dox
Dox has "Labyrinth Tank" advance 7 more spaces into the labyrinth.

Turn 10: Yugi
Yugi Summons "Dark Magician" (2500/2100) and has it advance only 5 spaces into the labyrinth, joining it with "Celtic Guardian", "Axe Raider", and "Flame Swordsman".

Turn 11: Para
Para activates "Magical Labyrinth", which alters the structure of the maze, separating Joey's monsters from Yugi's.

Turn 12: Joey
Joey has "Axe Raider" and "Flame Swordsman" advance further, attempting to join the groups back together. "Axe Raider" triggers the "Jirai Gumo" (2200/100) Set by Dox earlier, which destroys "Kunai with Chain" before damage calculation ("Axe Raider": 2200 → 1700 ATK). "Axe Raider" is destroyed (Joey: 2000 → 1500 LP)

Turn 13: Dox
Dox has "Labyrinth Tank" advance 7 more spaces into the labyrinth, putting right behind "Jirai Gumo". He then Sets a monster in face-down Defense Position.

Turn 14: Yugi
Yugi activates "Mystic Box", which seals "Dark Magician" and "Jirai Gumo" into boxes. "Jirai Gumo" is destroyed, while "Dark Magician" has taken the space originally occupied by "Jirai Gumo". Yugi has Dark Magician advance forward and destroy "Labyrinth Tank" (Dox: 2000 → 1900 LP).

Turn 15: Para
Para Sets a monster face-down.

Turn 16: Joey
Joey has "Flame Swordsman" advance and regroup with "Dark Magician".

Turn 17: Dox
Dox Sets a monster face-down. He then Flip Summons the Set "Dungeon Worm" in Attack Position (1800/1500). He then activates "Invigoration" to increase its ATK by 400 and decrease its DEF by 200 ("Dungeon Worm": 1800 → 2200 ATK/1500 → 1300 DEF). Dox has "Dungeon Worm" advance into the labyrinth and destroy "Celtic Guardian" (Yugi: 1600 → 800 LP).

Turn 18: Yugi
Yugi activates "Magical Hats", hiding "Dark Magician" and "Flame Swordsman". Yugi Sets a card.

Turn 19: Para
Para Summons "Monster Tamer" in Attack Position (1800/1600), then activates its effect, allowing him to take control of "Dungeon Worm", while also increasing its ATK by 600 ("Dungeon Worm": 2200 → 2800 ATK). Para has "Dungeon Worm" advance into the labyrinth and attack one of the hats. It is revealed to be empty.

Turn 20: Joey
Joey removes "Flame Swordsman" from its hat, then equips it with "Salamandra", increasing its ATK by 700 ("Flame Swordsman": 1800 → 2500 ATK). Joey has "Flame Swordsman" advance and attack "Dungeon Worm", and due to its weakness to fire, the ATK boost of "Dungeon Worm" from "Monster Tamer" is negated ("Dungeon Worm": 2800 → 2200 ATK). "Dungeon Worm" is destroyed (Dox: 1900 → 1600 LP).

Turn 21: Dox
Dox Summons "Kazejin" (2400/2200) in Attack Position. He then Flip Summons "Suijin" (2500/2400) and "Sanga of the Thunder" (2600/2200), which were Set on Turns 17 and 15, respectively, then combines the 3 monsters to form the "Gate Guardian". "Gate Guardian" has no ATK or DEF on its own, but uses the ATK of DEF of its 3 individual components. And because it was made with both Para and Dox's monsters, both Para and Dox can take control of it.

Turn 22: Yugi
Yugi Sets two cards face-down.

Turn 23: Para
Para attacks "Flame Swordsman" with the "Sanga" portion of "Gate Guardian", but Yugi counters with "Mirror Force", reflecting the attack back to every Attack Position monster controlled by the Paradox Brothers and inflict the difference in ATK as damage to them. Dox has the "Kazejin" portion of "Gate Guardian" protect "Gate Guardian" from "Mirror Force". "Monster Tamer", however, is not so lucky, and is destroyed (Para: 1700 → 900 LP).

Turn 24: Joey
Joey attacks "Kazejin" with "Flame Swordsman", however Dox activates the effect of "Suijin" to reduce the damage to 0.

Turn 25: Dox
Draws a card. Dox attacks "Flame Swordsman" with the "Suijin" portion of "Gate Guardian". This has the side effect of flooding the labyrinth with water, weakening "Flame Swordsman" due to a weakness to water ("Flame Swordsman": 2500 → 2200 ATK). The attack continues, and "Flame Swordsman" is destroyed (Joey: 1600 → 1300 LP).

Turn 26: Yugi
Yugi Summons "Summoned Skull" (2500/1200) in Attack Position. He then attacks "Suijin" with "Summoned Skull", using the trail of water left by the flood to bypass the labyrinth. Dox attempts to intercept with the effect of "Kazejin", but Yugi activates "Spellbinding Circle" to prevent the three parts of "Gate Guardian" from attacking or activating their effects. It also lowers the ATK of the three monsters by 700. ("Sanga of the Thunder": 2600 → 1900 ATK; "Kazejin": 2400 → 1700 ATK; "Suijin": 2500 → 1800 ATK)

The attack continues, and "Suijin" is destroyed (Dox: 1600 → 900 LP). With Suijin destroyed, the water disappears.

Turn 27: Para
Para activates "Remove Trap", destroying "Spellbinding Circle" and bringing the remaining pieces of "Gate Guardian" to full power.

Turn 28: Joey
Joey Summons "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (2400/1200). Yugi activates his Set "Polymerization", fusing Joey's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and his own "Summoned Skull" to Fusion Summon "Black Skull Dragon" (3200/2500). The Paradox Brothers point out that no monster is allowed to fly within or over the Labyrinth, and so since he can't reach "Gate Guardian", Joey ends his turn.

Turn 29: Dox
Dox activates "Riryoku", taking half the LP from Yugi and Joey and adding it to "Sanga of the Thunder" and "Kazejin", respectively (Yugi: 800 → 400 LP; Joey: 1300 → 650 LP; "Sanga of the Thunder": 2600 → 3000 ATK; "Kazejin": 2400 → 3050 ATK) Dox, however, cannot attack this turn.

Turn 30: Yugi
Yugi removes "Dark Magician" from his hat, then has it advance to the end of the maze, standing directly in front of "Gate Guardian". He then activates "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon "Suijin" from the Graveyard in Defense Position.

Turn 31: Para
Without checking what monster Yugi revived, Para attacks "Dark Magician" with "Gate Guardian", but Yugi activates the effect of "Suijin" to end the attack.

Turn 32: Joey
Joey activates "Copycat" to copy the effect of a card already used by the Paradox Brothers. He chooses to activate "Riryoku", taking half the LP from Para and Dox and adding it all to his "Black Skull Dragon". (Para: 900 → 450 LP; Dox: 900 → 450 LP; Black Skull Dragon: 3200 → 4100/2500). Joey, however, cannot attack this turn.

Turn 33: Dox
Dox attacks "Dark Magician" with the "Sanga" portion of "Gate Guardian", but Yugi activates the effect of "Suijin" to end the attack. Dox then attacks and destroys "Suijin" with the "Kazejin" portion of "Gate Guardian".

Turn 34: Yugi
Yugi activates "Monster Replace" to switch the positions of his "Dark Magician" and Joey's "Black Skull Dragon", placing the latter directly in attack range of "Gate Guardian". Since it was Fusion Summoned using both his own and Joey's monsters, Yugi takes control of it and attacks "Gate Guardian", destroying both "Sanga of the Thunder" and "Kazejin" (Para and Dox: 450 → 0).


Yugi and Joey both win their remaining Star Chips, securing their place in the finals. The Paradox Brothers, however, have one more trick up their sleeve. There are two exits from the dungeon, they reveal. One will lead them out and towards the castle, and the other one will ensure they will never leave the caves. Yugi outsmarts the brothers using a simple marked coin, and the group leaves through Dox's door.