Spell Ruler

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Spell Ruler
Spell Ruler
  • Spell Ruler
  • Magic Ruler
FrenchMaître des Magies
GermanSpell Ruler
ItalianSovrano della Magia
SpanishSeñor de Hechizos
Korean마법의 지배자
Revised RomanizationMabeob-ui Jibaeja
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
Part of seriesCore Booster
  • SRL-EN (en)
  • MRL (en-na)
  • MRL-E (en-eu)
  • MDM-F (fr)
  • SRL-G (de)
  • SDM-I (it)
  • SDH-S (sp)
  • MRL (ae)
  • SRL-K (kr)
Number of cards
  • 104
  • 131 (E, F, G, I)
Cover cardRelinquished
Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
OtherSpell Ruler promotional cards
Release dates
Asian-EnglishOctober 24, 2002
English (world)
  • December 1, 2004
English (na)
  • September 16, 2002
English (eu)
  • October 24, 2003
  • October 22, 2003
  • October 21, 2003
  • December 2003
  • May 7, 2004
  • September 1, 2004

Spell Ruler

Spell Ruler, previously known as Magic Ruler, is a Core Booster which is a combination of the Japanese sets Magic Ruler and Pharaoh's Servant. It has been released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Asian-English and Korean. There are three separate prints with different language IDs for the TCG English sets, North American, European and Worldwide.

The North American and Worldwide versions of this set contained 104 cards. Europe initially received the North American English set, i.e. the set with cards numbered MRL-XXX. A European English version was later released containing 27 more cards, which had been excluded from the European version of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon.

In the TCG, this set became legal for Constructed tournaments on October 1, 2002.[1]

The rename from Magic Ruler to Spell Ruler was to go with the renaming of Magic Cards to Spell Cards. The European and Worldwide English versions of the set used the name Spell Ruler. The European version used the set ID MRL, despite the boosters continuing to be labeled Spell Ruler, while the Worldwide version used the ID SRL.

The cards numbered SRL-EN were included in Master Collection Volume 1.

In 2010, an Unlimited Edition North American version of the set was reprinted, with SRL Set Numbers, and released as part of the Legendary Collection.


This set introduced Ritual Spell Cards, Ritual Monsters, Quick-Play Spell Cards and Toon monsters to the TCG.

Highly sought-after cards in this set include "Delinquent Duo", "Snatch Steal", "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Cyber Jar", and "Painful Choice".


The Asian-English and TCG versions of this set contained 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The Korean version contained 10 cards per pack.

The Worldwide English, North American English, Spanish, Korean and Asian-English versions of this set contained 104 cards, including:

The European English, French, German and Italian versions of this set contained 131 cards, including:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SRL-EN000"Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon"Secret RareToon monster
SRL-EN001"Penguin Knight"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN002"Axe of Despair"Ultra RareEquip Spell
SRL-EN003"Black Pendant"Super RareEquip Spell
SRL-EN004"Horn of Light"CommonEquip Spell
SRL-EN005"Malevolent Nuzzler"CommonEquip Spell
SRL-EN006"Spellbinding Circle"Ultra RareContinuous Trap
SRL-EN007"Metal Fish"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN008"Electric Snake"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN009"Queen Bird"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN010"Ameba"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN011"Peacock"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN012"Maha Vailo"Super RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN013"Guardian of the Throne Room"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN014"Fire Kraken"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN015"Minar"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN016"Griggle"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN017"Tyhone #2"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN018"Ancient One of the Deep Forest"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN019"Dark Witch"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN020"Weather Report"CommonFlip monster
SRL-EN021"Mechanical Snail"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN022"Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN023"Liquid Beast"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN024"Hiro's Shadow Scout"RareFlip monster
SRL-EN025"High Tide Gyojin"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN026"Invader of the Throne"Super RareFlip monster
SRL-EN027"Whiptail Crow"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN028"Slot Machine"Super Short PrintNormal Monster
SRL-EN029"Relinquished"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
SRL-EN030"Red Archery Girl"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN031"Gravekeeper's Servant"Short PrintContinuous Spell
SRL-EN032"Curse of Fiend"Short PrintNormal Spell
SRL-EN033"Upstart Goblin"CommonNormal Spell
SRL-EN034"Toll"Super Short PrintContinuous Spell
SRL-EN035"Final Destiny"CommonNormal Spell
SRL-EN036"Snatch Steal"Ultra RareEquip Spell
SRL-EN037"Chorus of Sanctuary"CommonField Spell
SRL-EN038"Confiscation"Super RareNormal Spell
SRL-EN039"Delinquent Duo"Ultra RareNormal Spell
SRL-EN040"Darkness Approaches"Super Short PrintNormal Spell
SRL-EN041"Fairy's Hand Mirror"Short PrintNormal Trap
SRL-EN042"Tailor of the Fickle"Short PrintQuick-Play Spell
SRL-EN043"Rush Recklessly"RareQuick-Play Spell
SRL-EN044"The Reliable Guardian"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SRL-EN045"The Forceful Sentry"Ultra RareNormal Spell
SRL-EN046"Chain Energy"CommonContinuous Spell
SRL-EN047"Mystical Space Typhoon"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell
SRL-EN048"Giant Trunade"Super RareNormal Spell
SRL-EN049"Painful Choice"Super RareNormal Spell
SRL-EN050"Snake Fang"CommonNormal Trap
SRL-EN051"Black Illusion Ritual"Super RareRitual Spell
SRL-EN052"Octoberser"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN053"Psychic Kappa"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN054"Horn of the Unicorn"RareEquip Spell
SRL-EN055"Labyrinth Wall"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN056"Wall Shadow"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN057"Twin Long Rods #2"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN058"Stone Ogre Grotto"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN059"Magical Labyrinth"CommonEquip Spell
SRL-EN060"Eternal Rest"Super Short PrintNormal Spell
SRL-EN061"Megamorph"Ultra RareEquip Spell
SRL-EN062"Commencement Dance"CommonRitual Spell
SRL-EN063"Hamburger Recipe"CommonRitual Spell
SRL-EN064"House of Adhesive Tape"CommonNormal Trap
SRL-EN065"Eatgaboon"CommonNormal Trap
SRL-EN066"Turtle Oath"CommonRitual Spell
SRL-EN067"Performance of Sword"CommonRitual Monster
SRL-EN068"Hungry Burger"CommonRitual Monster
SRL-EN069"Crab Turtle"CommonRitual Monster
SRL-EN070"Ryu-Ran"CommonNormal Monster
SRL-EN071"Manga Ryu-Ran"RareToon monster
SRL-EN072"Toon Mermaid"Ultra RareToon monster
SRL-EN073"Toon Summoned Skull"Ultra RareToon monster
SRL-EN074"Jigen Bakudan"Super Short PrintFlip monster
SRL-EN075"Hyozanryu"RareNormal Monster
SRL-EN076"Toon World"Super RareContinuous Spell
SRL-EN077"Cyber Jar"RareFlip monster
SRL-EN078"Banisher of the Light"Super RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN079"Giant Rat"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN080"Senju of the Thousand Hands"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN081"UFO Turtle"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN082"Flash Assailant"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN083"Karate Man"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN084"Dark Zebra"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN085"Giant Germ"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN086"Nimble Momonga"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN087"Spear Cretin"CommonFlip monster
SRL-EN088"Shining Angel"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN089"Boar Soldier"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN090"Mother Grizzly"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN091"Flying Kamakiri #1"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN092"Ceremonial Bell"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN093"Sonic Bird"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN094"Mystic Tomato"RareEffect Monster
SRL-EN095"Kotodama"CommonEffect Monster
SRL-EN096"Gaia Power"Short PrintField Spell
SRL-EN097"Umiiruka"Short PrintField Spell
SRL-EN098"Molten Destruction"Short PrintField Spell
SRL-EN099"Rising Air Current"Short PrintField Spell
SRL-EN100"Luminous Spark"Short PrintField Spell
SRL-EN101"Mystic Plasma Zone"CommonField Spell
SRL-EN102"Messenger of Peace"Super RareContinuous Spell
SRL-EN103"Serpent Night Dragon"Secret RareNormal Monster


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