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North Academy

North Academy, known as the Arctic Academy (アークティック校 Ākutikku-kō) in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3, is one of the Duelist schools in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It is located somewhere in the Arctic.


Various North Academy students cheering on Chazz.

The uniforms for North Academy students are fairly different from the ones seen at Duel Academy. Unlike Duel Academy, which has different uniforms for the each dorm, North Academy students wear varying shades of brown and gray. On the chest of the uniforms is the North Academy symbol. Some students, such as Czar, Lucien Grimley and Jesse Anderson, have specially-tailored outfits.[1]

No female North Academy students are seen.


North Academy is truly a difficult school to get into. Before one can even enter, they must possess a Deck of at least 40 cards. If the Duelist in question does not have the necessary number, then they must scour the icy landscape that surrounds the school for scattered cards in order to meet this requirement.[1]


When a new student arrives at North Academy, they must go through a 'Duel Gauntlet', a ranking system where they face off against all of the students in the school, starting off against the lowest-ranking and ending with the top student. Whichever Duelist you eventually lose against determines your rank, unless you defeat the top Duelist, which makes you the new top Duelist.[1]

Students do not appear to be separated by dorms in North Academy, and as a result only follow the ranking system at the school.


North Academy has a known rivalry with Duel Academy, and the two schools even hold an annual competition.[1] The students use a submarine owned by the academy to travel.[2] One North Academy student, Lucien Grimley, journeyed to Duel Academy to take part in the Genex Tournament.[3] Jesse Anderson, North Academy's top student at the time, was sent to Duel Academy as one of the Overseas Champions to represent North Academy.[4]

Known students and staff[edit]


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