Yubel (archetype)

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"Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare", with "Yubel" atop it.
  • ユベル
  • Yuberu (romanized)
  • Yubel
  • Yubel
  • Yubel
  • 유벨
  • Yubel (romanized)
  • Yubel
  • Yubel
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"Yubel" (ユベル Yuberu) is an archetype made up of the various forms of "Yubel". All of them were used by the Duel Monster Spirit, Yubel. This archetype is solely supported by the anime effect of "Neos Wiseman".

The ATK and DEF of all "Yubel" monsters are 0 and all are Fiend monsters. The very last of the "Yubel" monsters can apply its effect whenever it battles, and it destroys the monster it battles. When a "Yubel" monster is destroyed, the next evolution can be Special Summoned and the player does not take any battle damage. When a face-up Attack Position "Yubel" monster is attacked by an opponent's monster, before damage calculation, they take damage equal to that monster's ATK.

Play style[edit]

The "Yubel" Deck revolves around destroying "Yubel" to activate its effect and Summon "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" to stall the field, and/or inflict damage each turn using other monsters.

Ways of Summoning "Yubel" include:

Cards like "Torrential Tribute", "Dark Hole", and "Thunder Crash" are useful for destroying "Yubel".

Also, cards like "Safe Zone" and "Dark Illusion" serve as protection for "Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare".

Recommended cards[edit]

Official Decks[edit]

A Deck that combines "Yubel" and "Madolche", and makes use of "Madolche Fresh Sistart" from "LINK VRAINS PACK".

"Yubel – Terror Incarnate" destroys all monsters on the field except itself, while "Madolche Fresh Sistart", on the field, can return a "Madolche" monster from your GY to the Deck to remain on the field.

In tandem, you can activate "Madolche Ticket" to Special Summon "Madolche" to the field, so you can Sweep your opponent’s field each turn, while preserving your own field, making it a strong combination.


  • Cards that negate effects such as "Rainbow Veil", "Skill Drain", "Light and Darkness Dragon" and "Angel O7" pose serious problems for "Yubel"-based Decks, especially since all three incarnations of "Yubel" have 0 ATK and DEF. "Destiny HERO - Plasma" will also negate the effects of "Yubel". Another card that will wreck a "Yubel" strategy is "Prime Material Dragon", which switches effect damage into increasing Life Points, as well as its effect to negate the destruction effect of "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" and destroy it. All 3 forms of "Yubel" are at risk with "Prime Material Dragon" in play. However, this card can also turn into an advantage to a "Yubel"-beck by taking over control of your opponent's "Prime Material Dragon" (or using an own one) to use its second effect to destroy the original form of "Yubel" just at the moment when "Yubel" would destroy itself in case you can't tribute a monster so you could easily Summon "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" and performing the same tactic on the second form again to Summon the final "Yubel" form. Getting rid of "Prime Material Dragon" afterwards shouldn't be that much of a big problem since it could be destroyed by several cards which are common to destroy/remove a monster from the field.
  • "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror" and "Skill Drain" can wreck a "Yubel" Deck by negating the effects of "Yubel" monsters. Even after a "Yubel" is destroyed by a card effect, "Royal Oppression" will prevent the Special Summon of the next "Yubel", making the whole effort pointless unless you revive the "Yubels".
  • Another big problem is a "Lightsworn" Deck. "Judgment Dragon" can cause serious problems by paying 1000 Life Points multiple times to get rid of all 3 "Yubels" and attack for game or "Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn" can banish the base form without destroying it preventing Summoning stronger forms. Side Decking some "Light-Imprisoning Mirrors" and/or "Brain Golems" and possibly a "Soul Release" will help to counteract the mighty "Judgment Dragon". Another good way to counter a "Lightsworn" Deck would be "Karma Cut", as it would banish a monster and all copies of it in the Graveyard, thus stalling the Summon of "Judgment Dragon". "Divine Wrath" can also be used to negate its effect and destroy it, and "Starlight Road", on top of negating the effect and destroying "Judgement Dragon", Special Summons "Stardust Dragon" to punish.