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  • The "Gusto" archetype can utilize this card to its maximum potential. Many "Gusto" searchers can only activate their effects when destroyed by battle, while this card can cover their weaknesses from destruction by card effects.
  • Note that this card's effect will trigger regardless of where the monster was destroyed, making it an ultimate safeguard against cards like "Solemn Warning" and "Deck Devastation Virus".
  • You can also combo this card with either "Scrap Dragon" or "Diamond Dire Wolf" for generating more advantages while destroying cards at the same time.
  • Use in conjunction with the "Metalfoes" Pendulum Effect to Set "Metalfoes Counter", which can Summon more monsters for later Synchro Summon.
    • Destroy "Gusto Gulldo" to Summon a Level 2 or lower "Gusto" Tuner monster, while also getting another "Gulldo" for maximum effectiveness.
  • "Limit Reverse" can also works well with this card. It can even trigger this card's effect by itself.

Traditional Format[edit]


  • List of Level 3 and lower WIND monsters that can be Special Summoned from the hand or Main Deck:
 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeLevelATKDEF
4-Starred Ladybug of Doomの4つほしてんとうムシEffect MonsterInsect38001200
Adhesive ExplosiveしゅんちゃくボマーEffect MonsterMachine310001000
AeropixieエアロピΞクシーEffect MonsterFairy1200200
AirorcaエアジャチEffect MonsterSea Serpent31400300
Al-Lumi'rajイルミラージュEffect MonsterWyrm316001000
The All-Seeing White TigerせきがんのホワイトタイガーNormal MonsterBeast31300500
Altergeist Pixielオルターガイスト・ピクシールEffect MonsterSpellcaster1100100
Altergeist Silquitousオルターガイスト・シルキタスEffect MonsterSpellcaster28001500
Ancient Lampマジック・ランプEffect MonsterSpellcaster39001400
Armed Dragon LV3アームド・ドラゴン LVレベルEffect MonsterDragon31200900
Armed Dragon Thunder LV3アームド・ドラゴン・サンダー LVレベルEffect MonsterDragon31200900
Aroma JarアロマポットEffect MonsterRock1500400
Aromage Laurelアロマージ-ローリエEffect MonsterPlant18000
Baby DragonベビードラゴンNormal MonsterDragon31200700
BatバットNormal MonsterMachine1300350
Battlewasp - Dart the HunterB・Fビー・フォースついげきのダートEffect MonsterInsect1100100
Battlewasp - Pin the BullseyeB・Fビー・フォースひっちゅうのピンEffect MonsterInsect1200300
Battlewasp - Sting the PoisonB・Fビー・フォースどくばりのニードルEffect MonsterInsect2400800
Battlewasp - Twinbow the AttackerB・Fビー・フォースれんげきのツインボウEffect MonsterInsect31000500
Bee List SoldierハチビーEffect MonsterInsect1500400
Beetrooper Scout BuggyEffect MonsterInsect31000300
Black Ptera暗黒ブラックプテラEffect MonsterDinosaur31000500
BladeflyブレードフライEffect MonsterInsect2600700
Bombardment BeetleばくだんかめムシEffect MonsterInsect2400900
Bururu @IgnisterブルルアットイグニスターEffect MonsterCyberse36001000
CheepcheepcheepぴよコッコEffect MonsterWinged Beast1300200
Chemicritter Oxy Oxごうじゅうオキシン・オックスEffect MonsterBeast202100
Chronicler of NephthysネフティスのかたEffect MonsterSpellcaster23001200
Chrysalis Chickyコクーン・チッキーEffect MonsterWinged Beast2600400
Copy Plantコピー・プラントEffect MonsterPlant100
Creation Resonatorクリエイト・リゾネーターEffect MonsterFiend3800600
Dancing Elfダンシング・エルフNormal MonsterFairy1300200
Dark BatダークバットNormal MonsterWinged Beast310001000
Dark ShadeダークシェイドNormal MonsterFiend310001000
Dash Warriorダッシュ・ウォリアーEffect MonsterWarrior36001200
DecoyroidデコイロイドEffect MonsterMachine2300500
Defcon BirdデフコンバードEffect MonsterCyberse31001700
Defender of NephthysネフティスのまもEffect MonsterSpellcaster21400200
Delta FlyerデルタフライEffect MonsterDragon31500900
Dinowrestler Capapteraダイナレスラー・カパプテラEffect MonsterDinosaur316000
Disciple of NephthysネフティスのいのEffect MonsterSpellcaster202000
Djinn the Watcher of the Windかぜばんにん ジンNormal MonsterSpellcaster3700900
Donpa, Marksman Fur Hireくうだんげきしゅ ドンパEffect MonsterBeast25001000
DotedotenguドテドテングEffect MonsterFiend30800
Dragunity Aklysドラグニティ-アキュリスEffect MonsterDragon21000800
Dragunity Brandistockドラグニティ-ブランディストックEffect MonsterDragon1600400
Dragunity Corsescaドラグニティ-コルセスカEffect MonsterDragon1800700
Dragunity Couseドラグニティ-クーゼEffect MonsterDragon21000200
Dragunity Darkspearドラグニティ-ブラックスピアEffect MonsterDragon310001000
Dragunity Guisarmeドラグニティ-ギザームEffect MonsterDragon36001600
... further results